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Disco was not only a revolution in dance, it was also a way of life in the 70's. It started as a new way to dance and it ended as a revolution. Disco influenced not just a single member of the family who was somewhat of a rebel; it influenced the whole family. Disco changed the way people dressed, walked, talked, and even how they acted around other people. Some of the new styles of clothes included bellbottoms, (pants that started tight on the leg and at about mid-calf, grew greater in diameter looking like a bell) wide-collar shirts, (the tips of the collar would reach all the way to the shoulder) platform shoes, (shoes that had a huge sole and were usually upward of 3 inches tall) and the appar ...view middle of the document...

When researching this topic, we started like most in a library. We looked and looked for books on disco. Occasionally we would find one but it just was not giving us the same thing as some of our other resources did. We next went to the internet. All that we could find there was stuff about a certain movie called "Saturday Night Fever" so we decided that it was time for us to turn to the primary resources. When we watched "Saturday Night Fever" is when our parents started getting into it as well. "Saturday Night Fever" showed us first hand how people dressed, talked, walked and acted during this "revolution." Our parents were excited to show us how they were during this time and were also a great primary resource. They showed us pictures of themselves, old music on vinyl (a record) and on 8-Track tapes. They wanted us to find the music that they used to listen to so that they could show us how to dance to it, but we had to settle with something else. When we thought that we had gathered enough evidence and data through research, an even bigger task was how to make it into a presentation. We went with the obvious, John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever" had to go in the center of our presentation. After that we just branched off and put "Disco Stu" from "The Simpson's" because he is a perfect example of a disco-going guy in our generation. We also put the Bee Gees because they were among one of the hottest musical acts in the 70's. We also included "The Brady Bunch" and "The Jefferson's" because they were some of the top television shows in the 70's and they are a great example of the dress and actions of this era.


This is a review of the movie Dance Time. It covers dances and dance styles from the 1910's to the 1990's

475 words - 2 pages Free (video).Disco was popular during the 1970s. "Showy routines returned to the dance floor" along with pelvic movements. In the 1980s, Breakdancing, also know as "street dancing", punk, also known as "slam dancing" and the moon walk were all well known dances. In the 1990s, Vogueing was in style. It was "a dance competition with model poses". Country west dancing was similar to the "west coast swing" and "line dancing". Hip Hop consisted of "MTV styles" (video).Dances have changed very much over the past 100 years. Many fads and styles dominated an era, creating memorable dances.

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1155 words - 5 pages such stars as Chubby Checker became popular through Dick Clark. Chubby Checker also became popular though his dance called 'The Twist'. Folk music was among popular music for a brief period time. Around 1962 Surfin music started in California when the Beach Boys were formed. The Beach Boys released hit after hit starting with 'Surfin USA' in 1963 and 'Fun, Fun, Fun' in 1964. Along with The Beach Boys were a group of two known as Jan & Dean. They

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626 words - 3 pages of pop, funk, soul, hip hop, dance and rhythm and blues. (Richard 1999, 130) The genre consists of a “distinctive drum-machine backed rhythms, saxophone laced beat, smooth and lush vocal arrangement and an occasional pop-sounding fusion.” (WayBack Machine, 2010) These descriptions perfectly describe the sound of Ariana. The song I am going to describe is the song “Into You” which was preformed towards the end of the concert and during the encore

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7466 words - 30 pages Contents:1. Introduction 2.Main part2.1 The History of Ballet2.2 When did Dance Start?2.3 The Greeks and Romans2.4 The middle Ages2.5 The Renaissance2.6 Louis XIV and the French Influence2.7 1740 to Pre-Romantic2.8 Pre-Romantic Era2.9Romantic Era210 Petipa and the Russian Ballet2.11 Ballet in Britain2.12The Russian Revolution and Nureyev2.13 America3. Conclusion4. Tables and pictures5. BibliographyIntroductionBallet is a form of dancing

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2719 words - 11 pages , producing a constant, eminently danceable beats, which the MC’s began improvising more complex introductions and, eventually, lyrics. In the 1980s, black pop artists included Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Whitney Houston, and Prince, who sang a type of pop dance-soul that fed into New Jack Swing by the end of the decade. These artists are the most successful of the era. Hip-hop spread across the country and diversified. Techno, Dance, Miami

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3864 words - 16 pages when it came round. At weekends there was sometimes dancing, after acid or mescaline in pills or on blotting paper. He remembered tripping on the flare of his loons (which had to touch the floor) and making it into a dance move. Girls had whirled skirt and hair out in circles to Zap or Cream or Caravan; and later under stairs or in bathrooms he got handfuls of tit and tastes of them. ���� The re-grouping in pubs and cafes the following

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2712 words - 11 pages particular room in the castle, that has mirrors on all the walls, and a disco-ball. The Beast himself is not in the scene, but his inner self comes into the room and starts dancing with Beauty. This is extremely effective because it shows his feelings, rather than just his appearance. Indeed, he is still wearing The Beast costume, but everything else is totally different to the previous scenes in which the Beast has been. We see that he is inside a true

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1770 words - 8 pages shall have a great advantage over you, Mr. Gerry, when we are all hung for what we are now doing. From the size and weight of my body I shall die in a few minutes, but from the lightness of your body, you will dance in the air an hour or two before you are dead.”. The Founding Brothers risked everything, their prosperity and quite possibly their life, for the establishment of a new nation apart from Europe. Tomas Paine, the author of Common Sense

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1825 words - 8 pages civilised social facade that masked all human behaviour. Artaud wanted the theatre to be a place where the audience realised their worst nightmare and fears; a place where the rational interpretation of reality was rejected and the irrational impulses were welcomed.A major influence on Artaud and his creation of Theatre of Cruelty was Eastern forms; particularly Balinese theatre and Balinese dance performances. This impacted his practices and

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2436 words - 10 pages playwright’s influence is aslo found in some pop music and can be identified in songs like “Love Story” by Taylor Swift and even “I Am the Walrus” by The Beatles. (Pop Goes Shakespeare…The Bard in Modern Music.) Once again, Shakespeare’s relatable themes make him a popular muse for music artists. According to The Shakespeare and Dance Project, choreographers have also created ballets and other dance works based on or inspired by Shakespeare’s plays

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3013 words - 13 pages slowly as the track progresses. Humbug equally compares in such songs as ‘Crying Lightning’ where there is an obvious delay on the vocals in the chorus which is enhanced by a medium amount of reverb. Though they are not chords, simplistic riffs played throughout tracks such as ‘Dance Little Liar’ are elongated with heavy reverb to fill out any gaps in the song with a mysterious setting. The guitar tone which was selected by Alex Turner adds to the

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1193 words - 5 pages closeness as there are 5 different layers. The first layer being the 5 people we interact with on daily basis, and the last layer being our work colleagues or old friends from high school that we don’t see often but would speak to comfortably if bumped into on a night out. Over the last decade we have observed a revolution of social media, with some accounts having hundreds to millions of followers and people following hundreds to thousands of people on

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1167 words - 5 pages contradictory elements of Classicism and Romanticism are presented side-by-side, again and again, hinting at an intrinsic link flourishing despite the hostile clashes that may sometimes occur. From another perspective, however, the apple also represents a scientific revolution. An apple, above all, supposedly fell on Newton’s head leading him to isolate gravity as a major component of his model of physics. The apple, in this particular case, was the

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1289 words - 6 pages who weren’t born into wealthy families worked right alongside the millions of adult immigrants and poor that crowded the factories or farms during the day and the dirty tenements or cramped farm lodgings at night. America was undergoing a revolution, one that needed “a huge supply of human beings to do the back-breaking, unhealthful, and dangerous work,” (254). On the railways, workers “died by the hundreds in the heat, the cold, and the battles

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1992 words - 8 pages German group’s expressive nature of sounds and body, which were interlacing factions in Artaud’s beliefs of the same liking. Artaud dismissed some of Germany’s most prominent driving forces: Capitalism and Marxism, deeming them both not fit for a ‘revolution based on fire, magic and anatomical transformation’,[footnoteRef:3] and in being the attractive idealist he was, created the “Theatre and its Double”. Arising from the “Theater and Its Double