Discourse: Privileges Of Private Vs. Public School English Essay

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Maria Alejandra Villabon
Professor Foley
17 September 2018
Discourse Essay: The Privileges of Private School vs. Public School
There is one thing that a myriad of people in this world find essential in someone’s life; school. Schools are used to teach students about a variety of subjects, develop mathematical and english skills, but mainly to prepare people for the 21st century workplace. However, schools are distinguished by two words, private and public. Private schools are defined as schools that are funded or supported by private organizations or people that charge tuition and follow a certain set of viewpoints. On the other hand, public schools are schools that are funded by the government providing free public education. One may sound better than the other, the privileges of a private and public institution will be portrayed to distinct the two and become aware of the benefits of private schools where public schools lack in.
Private schools and public schools have a variety of things that are offered that differentiate the two in a plethora amount of ways. The variety of things include the type of education, involvement, environment, extracurricular activities, sports, cost, teachers, admission, class sizes, test scores, and plenty more.
When searching for a school for your child, most of the factors are applied for the decision making, yet it also comes down to certain beliefs in different families.
Let’s begin with admission. Admission is a key thing because it determines whether you will be able to attend the school and learn there. Although that may be a concerning thought in a lot of minds, admission is mainly not an issue in public school. They allow any race, gender, and religious people in their school while some private schools look into that. On the other hand, private schools are more strict when allowing people to attend their school. In order to be admitted in private schools, you will need to meet certain criteria such as good grades and behavior for the most part.
Next is cost. Cost is a big factor for different families because of the different social classes. When deciding on the school, parents want to know how much they will have to be spending on their child for that year. For public schools, there are no costs to attending the school because public schools are paid by local taxes while private schools have a yearly tuition which ranges from $5,000-$25,000. The amount of money needed to pay each year reflects highly on the quality of school. Although private schools seem very expensive, they are also very generous. Private schools offer a surfeit of scholarships for those families that desire for their children to go to a prestigious school without having to worry about a high number.
Admission and cost are very distinct and significant between the two, just as is the education. Education is very important when wanting to learn about any subject and being able to apply it in a workplace. Both public schools and...

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