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Through discovery, an individual is induced to evaluate their sense of self through the confrontation of new or emotional events. This idea is presented in two texts: “Icarus”, a poem by Kate Tempest; and “Big World”, a short story by Tim Winton. “Icarus”, following the famous myth of Icarus and Daedalus, explores the newfound freedom that Icarus experiences, and the lessons that his father, Daedalus, acquires after Icarus’ death. “Big World” follows the journey of the narrator and his friend Biggie, after being forced to leave their town as a result of failing their exams. Through this journey, the narrator undergoes a change in his awareness of the world around him.
Yearning for fresh experiences initiates and enhances the discovery of new feelings. This idea is translated significantly in ‘Icarus’- a poem about a father and son who escape from a tower by means of wings of wax made from the father. Icarus, the son of Daedalus, whom are both held captive, shows a strong desire for freedom. This desire has fuelled Icarus to risk everything, including his life: “to achieve his freedom he sacrificed everything”. Icarus’ hunger for freedom stems from his upbringing as a child of Daedalus, whom has made Icarus feel trapped. This image is established early in the line “His arms bound in the feathers of his father’s labour”. The connotation of the word ‘bound’ demonstrates the feeling of entrapment that Icarus feels, and although refers to the wings, is an example of metonymy for the course of Icarus’ life- he has felt forever stuck because of his father. As a result, Icarus’ craving for freedom “He felt the strength in him increasing like the heat that was so tempting” is justified, and enhanced by a simile of physical being. Hence, Icarus’ newfound discovery of the world around him is significantly expressed by the author through a contrast of emotions. In ‘Big World’, the narrator is going through a similar turmoil, as he and his closest friend Biggie look for a more purposeful life outside of town. The narrator
Some lines that include this are ‘the sunlight is creamy out here’ as well as ‘a world where it isn’t bloody raining’ and ‘spring storm’. Winton also uses visual, tactile and olfactory imagery to depict the persona’s new feelings of entering new landscapes. A line that represents this is ‘Our arms are slick with gore and pasted with orange and black beef-hairs. The smell isn’t good…’ responded by the outback and further inland environments such...


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