Discovery Essay; Life Of Pi & Related Text Of Invictus Year 12 Hsc Essay

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Discovery is the key to human progress but it comes at a costs. It is an encounter of a persons perception on their life based on experiences, triggering the need to reflect aspects of their lives. This is adapted within the film ‘Life of Pi’ directed by Ang Lee and the poem ‘Invictus’ by William Ernest Hill. Both film/text portrays a understanding and consideration of discovery through a bunch of techniques that conveys with spiritual discovery and self-discovery.
Spiritual discovery enables on individual to gain awareness of how we can view things in a new way, which alters how we relate to the world around us. “Life of Pi” Ang Lee illustrates the storm scene as Pi’s suffering. A point view shot reveals Pi’s discovery, he sees a God light shining through the clouds. At first he believes he sees God crying “He’s come to us!, it’s a miracle!”. This shows how Pi is desperate to believe to see God from every religious point of view. Originally Pi is a Hindu, but he also shows a deep interest in other religions such as Christianity and Islam. Another technique use in this scene is the use of wide shots, which portrays the wild sea and a Christ-lie imagery showing Pi with his arms out. This is a sign of him surrendering and a life raft is swept away, symbolising the loss of his haven. When the storm clears its symbolises change and the rebirth, it’s an acceptance of Pi’s mortality and death that leads him to his new found discovery. In a long shot of the boat it reminds us of Pi’s vulnerability to the world, his dialogue, “Thank you for giving me life. I’m ready now.” Is followed by a fade to black, signifying the end and a change of direction in the film. Pi at this time discovers that death is not to be feared. His rage and fear seems to be gone and his dialogue illustrates his humanity and acceptance. The calm ocean symbolises the peace that has came out of this discovery.
“Invictus” has a similar concept to the spiritual discovery linked to the film. In the first stanza ‘Out of the night that covers me | Black as the pit from pole to pole’ shows us the author is going through a rough patchy time in his life. When he states ‘night that covers me’ symbolises the irony of how he is covered in darkness as it makes you imaging covers being a blanket and the ‘blackness from the pit’ represents death as Pi also thought at one point he would of died with the Richard Parker in the boat.
Self discovery is had a massive impact of both texts. It enhances an individual’s realisation of which they are and allows them to face challenges experiences and take full control. In ‘Life Of Pi’ Richard Parker can symbolise Pi’s bravery since tigers are fierce animals, it also i...



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