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Discrimination Essay

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Through are group discussions we have reviewed many different types of discrimination. We have found many similarities through out are discussions. The main causes of discrimination were lack of exposure with in the society. In each of the cases, like ageism, discrimination against the mentally challenge and sexism; People had bias opinions towards the underlying group because of lack of exposure. As Ashley stated for Ageism, the reason it has come about is the bias opinions between the different age groups that have formed because of lack of exposure causing bias opinions amongst them causing hatred. ...view middle of the document...

All of these lack of exposure leads to bias opinions, prejudice thoughts or discrimination towards the group which rather than feeling angered or outraged by it, the group may accept the notion that they deserve it. This is particularly dangerous, as this self-blame can lead to psychological distress, such as depression and negative attitudes towards one self. Because the group in every activity, where they do they feel they are being discriminated against whether it is working at a job or in school. They either are paid less or aren't allowed to get the education they want because of these bias opinions. And a common solution to this hatred is to expose society to different groups. Interact the elderly with the youths threw school programs to eliminate negative bias opinion. Expose the different females to opportunity that are not given or only given to men, which in turn will expose them to the higher corporations eliminating bias views. Also mix the mentally challenged people in to the classrooms exposing them to other students even if it they are not evaluated the same or able to stay in the same classroom at least expose them to the environment where they will learn to interact and make friends eliminating society bias against them. There will always be discrimination in society but exposing people to different groups tends to create positive views amongst each other slowly creating harmony.

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