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Discrimination of Aboriginal Native
A stereotype is the inflection point of discrimination. This is a real concern that the majority of aboriginal people face, one that can lead to a great epidemic conflict unto Canadian first nation people. Like inferiority complex, isolation cultural values, lack of support for academic life and lack of success fulfillment, inequality. So that discriminate indicate the extremely brutal act on aboriginal culture to decline their own roots and cultural values from ancestor. In the document, “Growing up “by Carol Geddes shows her own challenges and overcoming experience of humiliation. Furthermore, Richard Cardinal film documentary which expose that how the desperation of culture affects to real life. Therefore, Discrimination and stereotype are major concerns to that ruin the quality of aboriginal communities, kids are held back by cultural discrimination and lack of access to their opportunity to their education.
In the aboriginal community, there is plenty of people has faces hurdles or and lack of opportunity to unfulfilling their career pathway. The Carol Geddes emphasizes the clash of native and a white value is confusing and frightening. “When it was time to make course choices in class-between typing and science- example they didn’t even ask the native kids, they just put us all in typing. You get really bad image of yourself in a situation.”(Geddes-50) The experience of carol
Geddes opens eyes of awareness about the ironic environment by stereotype and discrimination bias assumption toward aboriginal native people. The decision of collectivism for their when pursuing specific stream career in order to held back achieving one’s the equal Opportunity as everybody else. Discrimination and Stereotypical bias prediction for someone life can boundary their best opportunity.one cannot be calibrate based on regardless their ethnic background and traditional. In addition, the experiences of inferiority complexities arise from putting oneself down category of one’s capabilities. The opportunity of learning is take away from their citizen’s right and lead to ruin someone precious year of life. The oppression of teaching different culture lead person in an isolation and destroy their self-identity. For instance, Carol Geddes suspect of discrimination and stereotype. She did not get what she wanted to study in her golden years of life.” University was for white kids, not for native kids. We were too stupid; we didn’t have the kind of mind it took to do those things.” (Geddes- 50). This is the exactly evidence explains that when someone having sharp potential to prove their self but due to not give the chance that lead a person lost their own oneself in disbelief. Based on underestimate someone can put the person in a way of unfulfilling their life. Carol Geddes lost her valuable golden seven years because of the worst situation of discrimination and stereotype bias conjecture.it drastically changes the mindset perception of potential that she cannot accomplish her goal in life. Unfortunately, because of
the discrimination and stereotype prospective toward carol Geddes lost her chances to access unforgivable moment and gets in deep sequestration of her life.
In the aboriginal community, there is many people face cultural discrimination and stereotype by the government and education system. There are so many children taken away from their parent. Because, of the strict system of government. Lots of children have faces tribulation from education system. Richard cardinal expresses his experience for being neglect in a society lost in deep depression and isolate held behind by lack of family support. Cultural discrimination and stereotype makes huge bad impact on person life.to quote, the testimony of court from case has declare that he did not get what he needed the most to go home. “We were told Richard expect to get special treatment for He had get bed wetting problem and placed back with us. Which never happen” (Richards brother)”.the inquiry report from 21 witness, program coordinator, the settlement worker, psychiatrist made a decision that Richard has great cause of being homesickness that lead him in too deep depression and cause to self-destruction. The government has play big fault for not taking under child care system. Due to neglect by the society leads to not getting the welfare system.in addition. All the year, of his age 4to 17 year life experience from childhood Richard transfer from one place to another place that being grew up in foster family infect him to attempt twice time suicides. For example, “Richard was about to receive the best attention from social welfare services in all of his time with the department. Arrangements were made for all of his family members to come to
His funeral”. (Richards cardinal documentary) Because, of the lack of survival unfairly treatment from his family. Cultural discrimination and stereotype decision of the welfare system makes Richard’s life in a very miserable way. The situation of Richard’s extremely undeniable. This psycho prediction can destroy someone future in very drastically. Richard does not get parental love.
To sum up, after looking at all aspect of these are both Carol Geddes and Richard cardinal documentary of evidence proves that discrimination and stereotype are the big enemy for human life. in order to get the best solution all the aboriginal kids must get every facilities to utilise their life and right to access all the opportunity from the government. And aboriginal people should not betray by any without hesitation. Otherwise the world will become like dooms day.
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