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Blackrock playwright Essay
Good morning teachers and students,
The play Blackrock writing by nick Enright, the play was first published in 1997. A summary on the play the play is inspired by the rape and murder of a teenager, leigh leigh on the 3rd of November 1989 at 16th birthday party at Stockton beach Australia. Enright examines the myth of masculinity in Australian culture which helped define a behaviour within Australian culture and critiques it as a fundamental problem with the Australian society
The play represents the experiences of a community social issue of violence. The play also represents the experience of young people in order to challenge the gender stereotype of Australian society, for example gender stereotypes and discrimination used in scene two.
The BlackRock play represents the experiences of a community social issue of violence.
The techniques that the play uses, are characterisation and dialogue. We discover that it is a prominent issue throughout the play as it appears in numerous scenes. For example, Tracey warner had been murdered after being sexually assaulted by three men. In scene 11 Tracey warner was found on the beach after being bashed, abused and murdered. “Jared commented she was of her face, she could have fallen easy”. It also shows that he didn’t care or take any consideration into what had happened. While later on in scene twenty-one ricko threatens tiffany with violence. “you looking for a smack in the mouth?”. These scenes bring out a response from the audience to again question why men would resort to threatening women, let alone assault them. Throughout scene twelve Cherie was talking to Tracey at the cemetery. Which is shown through the words of “I lost youse all, now I’ve lost you”. Another example consists of the scene 19 in the boxing gym the technique used a mathophor to interpret...

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