Discuss The Main Examples Of Such Changing Identities In "Pride And Prejudice" And "Fathers And Sons"

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The genre of the Realist Novel is best characterized as the fictitious attempt in narrative form to provide an effect of realism through the representation of often complex characters with mixed motives. In the case of these two novels, the language used depicts realism through a representation or illusion of reality by juxtaposing the moral and social conventions of society against the narrative. To achieve this, narrative devices such as "showing" and "telling" are used. For showing, devices such as dialogue are used to give dramatic effect so that readers can see and hear the abstract. For telling, devices such as focalization, free indirect speech or omniscient narrator are often used ...view middle of the document...

159). The reader is 'shown' Elizabeth's regrets and her willingness to admit her wrongful judgment allows us to sympathize and identify ourselves with Elizabeth as we observe this moral growth in her, as a result of her inner consciousness.This turning point also serves as the irony of the plot. Elizabeth, who prided herself on her rational thinking and character judging trait, was betrayed by her own prejudice to misjudge Darcy and is mistaken by liking Wickham because he flatters her pride. Irony is used by Austen to help readers understand more deeply the moral instructions about self deception and misjudgment by illustrating the ignorance of the character to reality by showing the irony of beauty in Wickham's looks being seriously eroded by his deceitfulness. (Morris, 1995)During Lydia's dialogue with Elizabeth about Darcy's presence at Lydia's wedding, the reader is 'shown' how deeply her changed perception of Darcy has affected her. The scenario, like most parts of the novel, is narrated through narrative focalization from Elizabeth's view. This device allows readers to make moral judgment on the heroine's behavior and to achieve sympathetic involvement through her point of view and is indeed a didactic way of educating the reader, by involving the reader in the process of moral improvement that the heroine enacts. (Morris 1995)Here, Austen uses the telling technique of describing Elizabeth's "utter amazement" and "burning with curiosity" (Austen p. 243) to convey to the reader how Elizabeth felt when she found out from Lydia about Darcy's presence at the wedding. This narrative device is economical and thus moves the story along at a faster pace without discouraging the reader to engage with the character. Austen also employs free indirect speech for this scenario when the narrator narrated "Mr. Darcy had been at her sister's wedding." where the reader can almost hear Elizabeth speaking as the intonation is clearly Elizabeth's. This device encourages the reader to step into Elizabeth's mind and share her confusions while her thoughts run wild with conjectures until she cannot " bear such suspense"; she must uncover the truth.As compared to Elizabeth, Darcy's pride was less complicated and easier to conquer. His initial prejudice against Elizabeth came from her low social status, poverty and her socially inept family and this latter proves to be his chief difficulty in admitting his love for her. However, his perception of her started to change when he "began to find it uncommonly intelligent by the beautiful expression of her dark eyes….. attended to her conversation with others." (Austen p.16). The omniscience of the third person narrator allows the reader to access Darcy's inner consciousness and is 'shown' Darcy's growing feelings for Elizabeth. From this point onwards, Darcy's prejudice against Elizabeth started to fade as his love for her deepened.After overcoming their pride and prejudices against each other, they managed...


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907 words - 4 pages Usually, being proud and having prejudice singles one out of a group, making that person inferior to others. These aspects can be looked down upon, but in the novel Pride and Prejudice they are essential characteristics that mold and define the story. Throughout the novel, the two main characters who embody the flaws of pride and prejudice are Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet.An instance where pride can be seen in Mr. Darcy is when he cannot seem

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420 words - 2 pages In the novel "Fathers and Sons", by Ivan Sergeyevich, the point of view is third person omniscient because the narrator is all knowing, "While he is sitting there with his knees drawn under him..." (9). Personally I feel that the story is better conveyed when the narrator is omniscient because then I can understand the roles of the characters better as I am more aware of what they are thinking. Also the narrator is a self-conscious narrator

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436 words - 2 pages detailed; and he was not more eloquent on the subject of tenderness than of pride. His sense of her inferiority–of its being a degradation–of the family obstacles which had always opposed to inclination, were dwelt on with a warmth which seemed due to the consequence he was wounding, but was very unlikely to recommend his suit. In spite of her deeply-rooted dislike, she could not be insensible to the compliment of such a man’s affection, and though her

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571 words - 3 pages Character Development In this essay, I will be discussing the character development within “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. It is a romantic novel written in the 1800s. Later, it was also made into a movie. It is mainly centered on the ideas of marrying for love or marrying for security. The main characters Elizabeth and Darcy undergo some big changes throughout the story. Elizabeth goes through some realizations regarding her feelings for

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1734 words - 7 pages instantly to Jane, leaving her own and her relations' behaviour to the remarks of the two ladies and Mr. Darcy; the latter of whom, however, could not be prevailed on to join in their censure of her, in spite of all Miss Bingley's witticisms on fine eyes. END OF EXTRACTJane Austen adopts a wide variety of narrative styles throughout the novel of Pride and Prejudice. She uses devices such as 'showing' and 'telling' in order to convey aspects of

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1522 words - 7 pages furthermore see examples of romanticism being forced upon the audience through Mrs. Bennett’s continuous exaggeration, in the BBC television movie Mrs. Bennett describes the hardships of having daughters and how much easier it would have been if she had sons “Oh, if only we’d been able to have sons” (Pride and Prejudice, 1995), this scene nor idea was ever mentioned in the novel. Interactions between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy were few and far between

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549 words - 3 pages show Elizabeth that he is not at all the man she though he was. He loves her through and through, and for this reason he is willing to change the negative aspects of himself. He tones down his pride and instead lets a softer and gentler side of him shine through for all to see. He takes into consideration the feelings of others and shows Elizabeth just how similar they are. In the end, Darcy and Elizabeth both learn vital lessons regarding his

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1281 words - 6 pages had to obtain but for a female that wasn’t the norm. Siddiqui, Fatima. "A Marxist Reading of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice." Academia.edu. Academia, 2013. Web. 28 Mar. 2017. “ There was no such thing as moving out of your parents house, building a career and marrying after one has achieved all goals” (par 21). So this is another thing that was dominant in the time period of when this book was written hence it seems understandable that the idea

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718 words - 3 pages Pride and Prejudice Volume I Passage AnalysisVolume I, Chapter VII, pages 27-28Mrs. Bennet was prevented replying by the entrance of the footman with a note for Miss Bennet; it came from Netherfield, and the servant waited for an answer. Mrs. Bennet's eyes sparkled with pleasure, and she was eagerly calling out, while her daughter read,"Well, Jane, who is it from? what is it about? what does he say? Well, Jane, make haste and tell us; make haste

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