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Discuss The Significant Differences Between Men's And Women's Talk The Way They Interact, Their Choices Of Words And Phrases And The Topics They Like To Discuss

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As God had created both men and women physically different, it is no wonder that men and women also differ in they way they think, feel and converse. It is a stereotype that men are the more practical thinkers as compared to the women who are more concerned with aesthetics and feelings. It is probable due to this difference that men and women compliment each other in the way that they think, feel and also they way the converse. However, there are no proper research done to conclude the above due to the individuality of both men and women. As there may be men who are more concerned with aesthetics and feelings and there may also be women who are practical thinkers. These differences make it ...view middle of the document...

This indicates that women use compliments more as an expression of rapport and solidarity and they are more focused on creating bonds rather than to compete with one another.The general topics of compliments for both genders include appearance, good performance which is the result of skill or effort, possessions and some aspect of personality or friendliness (Joan Manes, 1983; Holmes, 1986; Herbert, 1990). In New Zealand, compliments on appearance are the most common received by women as compared to men. However, majority of men receive compliments on appearance from women. In America, both men and women rarely compliment the appearance of men. The rare compliments on appearance though were made from much older women to younger men (Wolfson, 1983). Is was also discovered in New Zealand that the men preferred complimenting each other on their possessions as compared to women.Besides these factors, the vocabulary and grammatical patterns also differ between the two genders. Women would use the rhetorical pattern (e.g. what a nice day!) more often then men. In contrast, the men use the minimal pattern (e.g. nice car) more often then women. Donna Johnson and Duane Roen (1992) noted that women also used more intensifiers (such as really, very, particularly) as compared to men and they intensified their compliments most when writing to other women.Despite positive attachments that compliments have, the use of compliments have also lead to miscommunication and offence. This happens when it involves people of different cultures and native English speakers. This has lead to inappropriate responses by either disagreeing or rejecting compliments from native English speakers. This is prevalent especially for women who come from cultures where compliments are rare. Men from different cultures on the other hand, embarrass their English speaking male friends by the frequency of their compliments. Misunderstandings also can occur between different ethnic groups within one country due to the different level of tolerance among these ethnic groups. This is referred to as the Modesty Maxim by Geoffrey Leech (1983, p.132).We have seen the differences between men's and women's use of compliments in their interaction. Other differences can also be found in the way they interact, their choice of words and phrases and the topics they discuss.Besides the difference in verbal interaction, as seen in the role of compliments in female-male interaction, men and women also differ in their non-verbal interaction. We will delve into the differences in terms of proxemics and body contact.E.T. Hall introduced the term proxemics to describe how people use and interpret physical distance when they interact. Certain distances are considered appropriate for certain cultures and changing the distance may signal an attempt to change the nature of interaction. For example when a man and a woman are interacting within arm's length, it indicates a casual-personal interaction. However...

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