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Evaluating Employee’s Characteristics
Evaluating Employee’s Characteristics
Joanne Wells
Wk1 Project
MGT3002 Organizational Behavior
Professor Ralphael Brown
December 12, 2018
Evaluating Employee’s Characteristics
When entering in the workforce we are influenced by three factors, Attitude, Value and Job Satisfaction. Some may believe their ability and skills to perform the job would are good enough, however companies look for someone who not only can perform the job but also want to make sure they can fit into the organization’s culture. In this essay we will discuss how value, attitude and job satisfaction decide on an individual’s characteristics in the workforce.
In researching the three characteristics value, attitude and job satisfaction, studies show that they connect between one another, as it decides one’s personality. We will discuss how the three characteristics interlink together and become a very important part of an individual’s personality.
Value represents one’s convictions in what someone believes in. An example would be if you are looking for an employee to be loyal. This would mean that faith is a part of their personality. A person’s value is the foundation our attitude and we act. There are also six types of values; 1) Theoretical value - which represents truth 2) Economic value – emphasizes usefulness and practicability of resources that one takes 3) Aesthetic value – where work is done in harmony there is a mutual understanding 4) Social value – correlates to the people we care about 5) Political value – refers to power and influence in the organization 6) Religious value – refers to unit. According to Rokech, who studies human values, shows there are two sets of values, the terminal value and the instrumental value. Terminal value shows this is the desired stated that one wants to be at, whereas instrumental value is a preferred mode of behavior. See figure.
Terminal Values
Instrumental Value
World of Peace
Prosperious Life
Broad minded
Attitude has several meanings to some. According to Katz and Scotland, “Attitude is a tendency or predisposition to evaluate an object or symbol of that object in a certain way”. There are three components to attitude, 1) cognitive component – consists of believe, ideas, value that one may have faith in, 2) affective component – relates to a person’s feelings about someone else 3) behavior component – can be different situations that leads to someone’s behavior. Our attitude can be hard to see but can be seen through other types of behavior. Research shows that people look for consistency with their attitude or try to align their attitude with their behavior.
Job satisfaction can be measured by our emotional response. For example getting an award shows you job satisfaction. There are three points when it comes to job satisfaction, 1) satisfaction and productivity. There are many dimensions that can affect how satisfied you are w...

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