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PADM 5030, FALL 2018
Discussion Questions (New Generation, Millennials)
By: Mohsen Alattas
Dr, Hee SounJang
Q1: Who are millennials? Are they different from other generations? Does Public Human Resources understand and adapt to a new demographic? What does the millennial generation bring to public service that is different from previous generations? How do public human resources management attract best talent of millennials to public service?
Some scientists have described that a millennial “Baby Boom” who was born at period 1980 to 1995 (Ng, E. S., & Gossett, C. W. (2013). In fact, millennial grew up in the age of modern technology and globalization. They look at reality with a different perspective. They have a high level of confidence in their abilities and also have characteristics that distinguish them from the other generation. For example, a millennial who believe in the future believe everything should be changed to better.
However, a millennial is different from other generations. First, a millennial has “values, belief and traits.” For instance, they say that we have talents that make to achieve our goals, including intelligence. Second, they have the feeling that they own the world because they think that they will be the ones who will reform and will make the change for the better in the future. In addition, a millennial has high aspirations to make contributions to serve the community in addition to having a strong social conscience. Even though a millennial has a desire to develop rapidly and keep up with the challenges, old generation might see this as a potential weakness because a millennial wants to get results quickly without thinking about what the consequences negative.
Public Human Resource Management (PHRM) should adopt and understand millennial's demographic characteristics such as age, sex, disability status (Ertas,2015). For example, some studies have indicated that millennials have less functional satisfaction and may also move to another job. Some studies showed that human resource management ignores motivations, such as extrinsic rewards and intrinsic rewards in the organization especially, between a millennial’s who are teen. As a result, millennials become more turmoil in the workplace, decreasing job satisfaction with millennials and even decrease employee productivity. As I mentioned earlier, millennial generation came in the age of modern technology.
The millennial generation has brought modern technology into the public service, such as serving the public through social media, including mobile, unlike the previous generation. Besides, the millennial generation is also making public friendships in the public service with the employees. For example, they defend the staff when a problem occurs.
To attract best talent of millennials to public service public human resource management should follow several ways. First, they should publish more data and information on the importance retention, recruitment and emplo...


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