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Common Cold (Shang Feng):
Externally contracted disease characterized by nasal obstruction, nasal discharges, sneezing, headache, aversion to cold, general discomfort and superficial pulse. Mild condition is shang feng, Mao Feng, Mao Han. Severe is Zhong Shang Feng. Widely spread is influenza. Occur all year long but mostly winter and spring.
LU Qi failing to descend and insecurity of Wei defense resulting from external contraction of wind and epidemic toxin. In Lung defense (Wei defense). Pathology can be cold, heat, deficiency, excess. Disharmony between Ying nutrient and wei defense. Occur during weather changes, abnormal cold/heat environment, irregular lifestyle, anti-pathogenic insufficiency.
Cough (Ke Sou):
LU system disease characterized by cough and expectoration of phlegm.
Due to LU Qi’s failing to disperse and descend. Adverse upflow of LU Qi from external contraction of 6 pathogenic factors.
Dyspnea (Chuan Zheng):
Pulmonary disease characterized by difficulty in breathing, breathing with raised shoulders and open mouth, flaring nostrils, might collapses in severe cases.
Related to many acute and chronic diseases. Also applies to some disease in WM such as acute chronic bronchitis, emphysema, pneumocardial disease, pulmonary tuberculosis, lung cancer
Wheezing (Xiao Bing):
A Paroxysmal condition clinically characterized by rapid and difficult breathing, wheezing sound in throat or inability to lie flat. Related to constitution and occurs in autumn, winter, spring or all year long. Often occurs with dyspnea and both are called xiao chuan => Asthma
Include fright palpitations and fearful throbbing. Refer to an unpleasant and uncontrollable awareness of the rapid heartbeat with panic or uneasiness. Can be induced by emotional fluctuation or overexertion. Associated symptoms include shortness of breath, chest stuffiness, dizziness and dyspnea.
In WM, aslo applies to arrhythmia, cardiac insufficiency and neurosis
Sleeplessness (Insomnia):
A condition in which one frequently fail to get normal sleep. This condition can vary from difficulty falling asleep, frequent waking up during sleep, unable to fall back to sleep and sleeplessness that lasts whole night.
Also applies in WM to neurosis and menopausal syndrome.
Cardiac Pain:
Refers to pain in the midway between the 2 nipples (4th intercostal space and lefts sided frontal part of chest due to HT Vessel obstruction). Mild => suffocated chest stuffiness, unsmooth respiration. Severe => stabbing or colic chest pain.
Cardiac pain may radiate to back and back pain may radiate to chest.
Other symptoms are inability to lie flat, pale complexion profuse sweating and cold extremities. Often occurs in middle/elder people, winter and spring.
WM applies to angina pectoris, myocardial infarction myocardiopathy, viral myocarditis, pleuritic and cardiac neurosis.
Gastric Pain:
Also called epigastric pain, characterized by frequent pain in upper abdominal area. Symptoms...

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