Disgust With The Hypocrisy Of The Adult Worl - What Whitman Hs - Essay

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Instrument Type Piece Composer Details/Start - Stop* Tempo
Violin Excerpt #1 Symphony No. 4, Mvt. 3 Schumann Trio, Play all six lines (no repeats) quarter note = 140
Excerpt #2 Symphony No. 29, Mvt. 4 Mozart 96- four after E dotted quarter note = 100
60 Studies for the Violin
(International Music Co.)
Wohlfahrt Etude #42, All quarter note = 88
Viola Excerpt #1 Variations on a Theme by Haydn (Var VII) Brahms 303-321 dotted quarter note = 46
Excerpt #2 Peer Gynt Suite Mvt 1 Grieg 2 before D- Downbeat of E dotted quarter note = 45
Foundation Studies for the Viola, Book I
(Carl Fischer)
Study #36 (Op. 45 No. 11), All quarter note = 55
Cello Excerpt #1 Symphony No. 8 Mvt 1 Dvorak Beginning - 18 quarter note = 120
Excerpt #2 Symphony No. 35, Mvt. 1 Mozart 1- Downbeat of 33 half note = 80
113 Etudes for Cello, Book I
(International Music Co.)
Dotzauer Exercise #20, play all quarter note = 76
Bass Excerpt #1 Symphony No. 4, Mvt. 1 Tchaikovsky
Beginning of Excerpt -
Downbeat of (C)
dotted quarter note = 75
Excerpt #2
In the Hall of the Mountain King (From Peer Gynt
Suite) Mvt 4
Grieg Rehearsal (B) - (D) half note = 90
30 Etudes for the String Bass
(Carl Fischer)
Simandl Exercise #3, All quarter n...

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