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DISINHERITING RIGHTSChildren should be respectful and love their parents without thinking of what they will inherit if anything. Many people feel as though disinheriting their children is degrading and will cause dispute among siblings and show favoritism. Although, disinheriting may cause some problems or conflicts between parents and their children they have every right to make the decision. Children would not want someone else to make the decision of their assets.Parents give time and devotion to the upbringing of their children. They know by the attitude of that child what will be best in the long run. ...view middle of the document...

The disinheriting a child could cause many conflicts not only between other siblings but hatred towards the parent or parents. This could lead to arguing, not speaking to one another, and total hatred for the other sibling. A child may feel left out , feel as though they are not loved by the parent or parents or feel as though what is called the black sheep of the family. Parents making the decision not leave a child out could be for several reasons. First, the parent may have a disease such as Alzheimer's or may have encountered a stroke leaving them with little or no knowledge of their belongings. Instances like this will in turn let the eldest become the power of attorney and decide whatgoes to whom. Second, a parent may feel a child is not capable of being responsible of the inheritance. Third, a parent may a favoritism and not even care if they have showed it. Finally, a child may have abused the parent either by mentally or physically and the parent has no interest of leaving that child anything.Parents work hard for what they have and know their children better than anyone.Children should speak with their parents and siblings and discuss what should be done , what goes to whom, and should definitely be in a will to save any controversy's or conflicts that could arouse from the death of a parent or mind loss. In the end, when all is said and done the parent has every right to make the decision and be willing to give a logical reason why in doing so.2


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3701 words - 15 pages us ALL work more effectively to limit the destructiveness associated with today's bitter political confrontations. Please join us. Please Support Our Winter Fundraising Drive Please help us raise the remaining $4,500 of the $18,000 we need to operate and continue to develop BI through the first half of 2018. Human Rights Violations Share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Copy Link Google Gmail Facebook Messenger WhatsApp Reddit StumbleUpon

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383 words - 2 pages . I think this government just favors men not women. It is horrible when somebody can not make their own decisions in choosing their husbands or who they love, but that is what women in Afghanistan have to face, their parents not them decide who they should marry, that is why they could be killed if they talk to strange man in public ( to protect the honor of their families). I do not see anything called human civilization in Afghanistan under

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2264 words - 10 pages Free law from parents' rights towards a notion of joint parental responsibilities and increasing awareness of children's rights, including their rights to have contact with and a relationship with both parents (AustLII, 2000).Secondly, the amendments replaced the terms "guardianship", "custody" and "access" with new concepts. These concepts are now embodied in the terms "parental responsibility", "residence", "contact" and "specific issues orders