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Displaying A Cue And Square Of A Number Through Functions In C++

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/************************************************************************ file: 3-14.cpp ** desc: C++ assignment ** Author: Syed R Fayyaz ** Date: September 26, 2003 ** ** Comment: Homework assignment # 7 ***********************************************************************///Assigning header files that will be used in this program.#include#include#include//Program beganint main(){//variable decleration sectionintnw_pcqty,mem_cardqty,dsk_driveqty,softqty;double total,nw_pc,mem_card,dsk_drive,soft;//constant sectionconst double NW_PCPRICE = 675.00,MEM_CARDPRICE = 69.95,DSK_DRIVEPRICE = 198.50,SOFTPRICE = 34.98;//Input sectioncout << "\t" << ...view middle of the document...

d ";cin >> softqty;//input closing sectioncout << "\n\n" << "\t\t"<< "*****************" << "\n";cout << "Thank you for shopping" << "\n"<< "Your sale reciept will be ready in a moment" << "\n";cout << "Please press any key to continue";getch();//calculation section//NW-PC calculationnw_pc = nw_pcqty * NW_PCPRICE ;//Memory Card calculationmem_card = mem_cardqty * MEM_CARDPRICE;//Disk drive calculationdsk_drive = dsk_driveqty * DSK_DRIVEPRICE;//Software calculationsoft = softqty * SOFTPRICE;//getting totaltotal = nw_pc + mem_card +dsk_drive + soft;// Setting the flagscout << setiosflags ( ios::fixed | ios::showpoint | ios::right )<< setprecision(2);//output sectionclrscr();cout << "\t"<< "*********************************"<< "\n";cout << "\t\t" << "New Wave Computers"<< "\n\n";cout << "Qty" << "\t" << " ITEM" << "\t\t\t"<< "COST" << "\n\n";cout << nw_pcqty << "\t" << "NW-PC"<< "\t\t\t" << "$"<< setw(7) << nw_pc << "\n";cout << mem_cardqty << "\t" << "Memory card "<< "\t\t" << " " << setw(7) << mem_card<< "\n";cout << dsk_driveqty << "\t" << "Disk Drive "<< "\t\t" << " " << setw(7) << dsk_drive<< "\n";cout << softqty << "\t" << "Software "<< "\t\t" << " "<< setw(7) << soft << "\n";cout << "\n\n" << "\t\t" << "TOTAL"<< "\t\t" << "$" << setw(6) << total;return 0;}

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