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One of the most exciting new trends in education is the use of distance learning. Many universities and corporations have ventured into it, and, in fact, some universities are devoted exclusively to providing an entire curriculum and degree through distance learning. Although the term "distance education" is of relative recent coinage, the concept of learning at a distance is not new at all. For example, correspondence course first appeared in Germany, England, and in the United States in the mid-nineteenth century. These courses were intended to provide vocational training to serve the demands of growing industrial economies, but the idea of learning on one's own proved so attractive that by the early twentieth century courses in every conceivable subject were offered by colleges, universities, and property institutes. Distance education has taken a number of new and exciting turns. One of the most notable is a result of the advances in telecommunications technology and computers, cable television, and satellites.Throughout its history, education has kept up with social changes by increasing access. Today higher education is not just for traditional college-age students, but also for students who are older, working, and may have families to support. Many of these students cannot afford to quit their jobs to attend school full time. Because of the changing demands of a growing student population, as well as diverse demographics and increased costs, educational institutions have been forced to find ways to become more productive, creative, and flexible in their delivery methods (Bower & Hardy 2004). Not only are higher education institutions expanding their use of distance education but business and industry have also entered the distance education field.According to Kim and Shih (2003), Policy, Technology and People are the fundamental elements of an operational model of distance education. The idea is supported by a somewhat similar model by Miller and King (2003), who have included technology, the learner, the instructor, the pedagogy and the organization in their paper. Broadly speaking, the challenges for distance education are technological and social. The technological issues require researchers from education and information technology field to work together, some of these issues have been partly solved while others remain open. There were similar suggestions by many researchers that faculty and learners both must gain technological training, there should be institutional support for learners and also that distance education may change institutional culture. Distance education requires to change a number of aspect of teaching, including course content, teaching roles and methods, assessment strategies, interaction, and communication; teaching online requires different skills and pedagogies from those needed in the traditional, face-to-face environment. The most crucial is the change in the teaching methodology, assessment techniq...


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2570 words - 11 pages ContentINTRODUCTION: 1THE ROLE OF GEOGRAPHY IN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 1WHAT DOES THE DISTANCE MATTER? 3WHAT DETERMINES DISTANCE COSTS AND HOW DOES ICT RESHAPE THEM? 4WHAT ARE THE LIMITATIONS OF ICT'S EFFECT ON DISTANCE? 6CONCLUSION 9REFERENCES AND BIBLIOGRAPHY 10Introduction:New communications and information technologies (ICT) have made the communication in long distance more and more convenient and cheap. It seems that the developing countries

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1202 words - 5 pages Free of my roommates’ privacy, their names in this essay are Erin and Zoe. Erin hasn’t had much romantic experience, Zoe has been in a committed long distance relationship, and I have been exploring. Society expects a “college girl” to act a certain way, back in the day women in college were seen as husband chasers and today it’s all about sexual liberation in the form of hookups. College is a time for us to find ourselves and figure out our own future

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471 words - 2 pages Free better. One aspect is having a right to free award-winning education. In some places getting a good education can be limited for reasons relating to gender, distance, or financial troubles. When coming to the U.S. especially as a child you are granted a free education, assuming you go to public school that potentially you couldn’t get anywhere else. Education is the gateway to knowing how to speak, write, and read and without it life would be

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2726 words - 11 pages *28GPH2201* *28GPH2201* Centre Number Candidate Number *GPH22* *GPH22* General Certificate of Secondary Education 2013 Science: Physics Unit P2 Higher Tier [GPH22] MONDAY 24 JUNE, MORNING TIME 1 hour 45 minutes. INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES Write your Centre Number and Candidate Number in the spaces provided at the top of this page. You must answer the questions in the spaces provided. Do not write outside the box, around each page or on blank

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587 words - 3 pages 17062101 22/9/17 Portfolio Task: Module 1 (500 Words) Study the following phrase and then write a properly referenced academic essay to discuss it Effective study skills are the sole foundation of a sound education. This essay will explore if effective study skills are the sole foundation to a sound education. The term effective is defined as “successful in producing a result or effect” (Cited in the Chambers English dictionary, 1992, p452). A

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1000 words - 4 pages defined as "the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind used to organize and solve problems using spatial concepts, maps, and graphs." Namibian school geography aims to provide students with knowledge and understanding of people and their surroundings. Overlay, buffer, distortion, scale, distance, symbols, direction, and projection must be explicitly taught. Geographical skills include the ability to observe, collect, classify, present, analyse, and

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398 words - 2 pages been Shakespeare's accepted birthday. William Shakespeare was indeed lucky to survive to adulthood in sixteenth-century England. Waves of the plague swept across the countryside, and pestilence ravaged Stratford during the hot summer months. Mary and John Shakespeare became parents for the first time in September of 1558, when their daughter Joan was born. Shakespeare probably began his education at the age of six or seven at the Stratford

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2521 words - 11 pages may be small and may lead to some errors. The results of this study will offer the true picture of the perceptions of supersonic commercial airlines in matters related to time, and distance. Works cited Bulmer, Martin. Questionnaires. SAGE Publications.2006. Creswell, John. Research design: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approach. New SAGE Publications. 2014. Denscombe, Martyn. The Good Research Guide. McGraw-Hill Education.2014

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2286 words - 10 pages consider the current threats in the home market. Understanding the proactive motives will help us determine what location is appropriate for the firm to internationalise to meet their organisation goals, also what factor that could effect their decision. REACTIVE MOTIVES · Competitive pressure · Overproduction · Declining domestic sales · Excess capacity · Proximity to international customers/psychological distance Source: (Morrison, J

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2363 words - 10 pages at least two weeks before the seminar date or prior to purchasing any online or distance learning products so that arrangements can be made. ONLINE VYNE.COM Use Express Number: 13014 MAIL Vyne Education P.O. Box 200 Brentwood, TN 37024 PHONE 800.397.0180 or 615.331.4422 FAX 615.346.5350 HOW TO REGISTER Ensuring Proper Payment for the Medical Office In 2011, the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Department of Health & Human Services (HHS

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1123 words - 5 pages groceries and other necessities individuals set a budget for themselves and make a list of things they important to buy and the quantity needed. Another example of numeracy is distance and telling the time. An individual who needs to take public transport to an interview must plan their journey ahead of the interview in order to get there on time. They must determine the distance they need to travel to get to the train station and the distance

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559 words - 3 pages Today, the ever improving role of computers and instructional technology have lead us to the controversy of where and when to utilise them efficiently. Since computers occupy most of our lives their application in education is very common. But their intrusion may sometimes result in failure that stems from the lack of peculiar human attributes. Besides computers are always effective in human teaching and learning process in the conditions such

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514 words - 3 pages Bullying is one of the serious problems in Japan. It is certainly related with the pressures to conform that children face in Japan's highly competitive system of education. Some bullied kids have died by suicide. Sometimes, teachers are unnoticed of this, because it is done in secret.The common perception is that students who are socially isolated, have poor social skills, or who are physically weak are often the targets of bullying. These

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527 words - 3 pages education are used to create and enforce distinctions in society. Who bestows status, and how is it maintained? How does the film or literary text show its sympathy with or distance from the status quo? 3. Analyze the way one text depicts the male body as object. How is the cinematic gaze (in Laura Mulvey’s characterization) deployed or problematized? Does the film or literary text replicate patriarchal ideology? Challenge phallocentrism? GOOD LUCK!

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3453 words - 14 pages , education, housing, diet, employment, and conditions of work” (McIntosh Gray, 1981). Overall, the report found materialist explanations to be the most important in explaining social class differences in health. However, when looking at the UK specifically, income and social inequality can be questioned when determining the cause for poor public health. This is because, in the UK, relatively disadvantaged people receive various kinds of government