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Running head: ED5123 MODULE 3 APPLICATION 1
ED 5123 Module 3 Application
Diverse Learners
Yaneek Minott
American College of Education
“Diversity in education encompasses students from many races, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds; students who speak a variety of languages and students from many cultures” (Ruggs & Hebl, 2012 p.1). The teacher in the classroom must be knowledgeable enough to meet these diverse students’ individual needs in the classroom so they can achieve their full potential. “Cultural competence is the key to thriving in culturally diverse classrooms and schools and it can be learned, practiced, and, institutionalized to better serve diverse students, their families and their communities” (National Education Association, nd). In this module, the researcher will be discovering as much as she can about a diverse group of students at Manchester Elementary. The researcher will research trends, issues, evidence-based remediation practices, the learning preferences of African American students, and the identified achievement gap.
Table 1 African American Third Grade Students at
Manchester Elementary
Student Group: At Manchester Elementary 59% of the student population are African Americans.
Achievement Gap: The North Carolina State Report Card test results for 3rd grade show a 23% gap in Reading when compared with the state average.
Evidence-Based Remediation/
Looking at the End of Grade (EOG) results from the year 2014-2017 shows a decrease in the number of student passing their EOG at Manchester Elementary compared to the state results.
Students’ achievement gap need to be reduced.
Leveled Literacy Intervention, supplementary, small group literacy intervention (WWC Intervention Report, 2017, p1)
Some Learning styles identified in CAPSOL (Computerized Assessment Program) are:
Bodily Kinesthetic
Oral Expressive
(CAPSOL Styles of Learning, n.d)
The EOG results shows the achievement gap of Manchester widens more as the years goes by from 2014-2017 when compared to the state.
The school is in need of more resources for students and teachers.
Read along technique used for students who read slowly or with difficulty such as taped text or using the computer
Increase in the need for cultural competent teachers in the classrooms.
Assessment and testing accommodation which includes extra time.
The trends that I see related to the African Americans at Manchester Elementary is that over the years 2014-2017 shows that an increasing number of students were failing each year. Every year the number increase. This leads me to the other trend which shows the achievement gap between the state and my school is getting wider every year. In 2014 the North Carolina State Report Card showed that our school test score was above the state score by 9.5 points. As the years go by the gap started to ...

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