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Division Essay Types Of Eaters

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There are three different categories for peoples eating habits. The very picky, and hard to please type are the conservative eaters. Of course, there are your typical eaters who will try new things, but only to a certain extent. Lastly, are the types of people willing to eat chocolate concoctions of covered ants, branded as the adventurous eaters.Conservative eaters are not subject to change. They will usually eat at the same restaurant, order the same meal, and feel comfortable doing so. Stepping out of their boundaries is done once in a blue ...view middle of the document...

A typical eater going to McDonalds would usually have a few favorites to order from, like A Big Mac meal, salad, or chicken nuggets; while a conservative eater will continue to order their number three. This type of person however, is not too daring with their meals, relative to the selective eaters. Even thought they consume a couple more things compared to a conservative eater, they still fray to go beyond their normal eating habits.Lastly, we have the lower percentile of the eating groups. You can find adventurous eaters on Fear Factor eating the most disgusting types of food imaginable. They could quite possibly be making the same type of odd food creations in their own homes. When you see these types of people at McDonalds they won't just be choosing from any of the value meals on the menu, but you can find them mixing barbeque sauce in with their shakes! (Well maybe not that far)Everybody is different, and eating habits are no exception. Whether you like only a certain group of foods, or the whole spectrum, everyone will continue to eat. Maybe there are scientific reasons why Joe won't eat broccoli, but his brother is a vegetarian. Perhaps it's all in our heads...

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