Essay On Divorce And The Aftermath

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In today's society the numbers of divorced families are rapidly increasing. Couples are becoming married at younger ages and their marriage usually ends with divorce rather quickly. The causes of divorce are numerous and the effects often last a lifetime.Some major causes of divorce are lack of communication, change in feelings for one another, and committing adultery. When problems occur within the family, the persons do not talk about the problems and instead hold in their thoughts and feelings, thus causing communication problems throughout the entire family. A change in feelings for one another, such as falling out ...view middle of the document...

One major effect of divorce is the negative influence on the children. When parents divorce, the children become depressed and anger builds up. The children also begin to fail classes in school because of their depression from their parents divorce. The children are also bounced between two separate households and have no stable living situations. The father and mother have different sets of rules and the children have to learn which rules apply to which parents house thus causing more confusion and anger.Another effect of divorce is the change in lifestyle for either person involved. Each person has to adjust his or her spending habits to compensate for the single income. They now have to pay all the bills alone with just one income. Also, they no longer have the help of their spouse to do house work. They have to adapt to doing all the house work themselves or hire some help which costs extra money that they no longer have. They also have to adapt to living the single life again and that can be a major problem for most. They are accustomed to being with the same person for so long and the sudden change of being alone can cause depression upon the individual.When the parents remain married and constantly fight and argue it causes a lifetime of anger for the entire family. Even though divorce has many negative effects, some families are better divorced in the long run for the sake of having a happier life once they have adapted to the change.


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2542 words - 11 pages . Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1997.Platt, Colin, King Death: The Black Death and its aftermath in late-medieval England. Toronto: University of Toronto press, 1996.Gottfried, Robert S., The Black Death: Natural and Human disaster in Medieval Europe. New-York, The Free Press, 1983.

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1777 words - 8 pages Lopez Concordia University MARRIAGE & DIVORCE: THE PERSPECTIVES OF CHURCH AND MODERN SOCIETY Chantal Lopez C THL 101- Theology Professor Tom Park November 17, 2017 What do you perceive marriage to be? For example, do you see marriage as a contract? A gift? A union? Approximately ninety-six percent of all Americans will eventually marry, and of those ninety-six percent about forty percent, will get divorced.[footnoteRef:0] Marriage, in legal

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8101 words - 33 pages The Causes and Effects of DivorceThe causes and effects of divorceDivorce refers to a legal act, which dissolves the marriage and terminates rights and obligations between husband and wife through agreement or litigation (Psychology Today, nd). Nowadays the phenomenon of divorce is becoming very common in the world. This caused widespread concern by the whole society. There are many causes can lead to a divorce and the causes are usually complex

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1059 words - 5 pages rates of divorce is that women completely change in roles. In the past, men had to bear the whole income of the family and afforded all the expenses, whereas woman only did housework and took care of babies. Hence, women had no money with led them to depend on husbands' money. Because of these situations, it is difficult for most women to separate from their husbands. In today modern world, these situations entirely changed. The equality between

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2276 words - 10 pages Free result, aspects such as divorce and insanity related attributes were unheard of in the communities. Nonetheless, writers such as Mary Elizabeth Braddon composed books to highlight the elements that existed in the communities during the time (Meadows 319). Despite the conserved nature of people during the period, devious activities existed. Lady Audley’s Secret pinpoints at the heinous deeds that existed in the Victorian era. Despite the perception