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Diamond Jonise
October 6 , 2017
"Do Americans still have shared identiy "
In the article "Do Americans still have shared identity " written by Christine Emba the purpose was to show people that even through Americans are suppose to be seen as the superior country over most we have to many things that drive us apart , including ethnicity ,customs , beliefs and view on political standpoints . Emba characterizes Americans as foreigners to each other, which seems so crazy especially when we are all suppose to be united as one . Right? The first thing you think of when asked about how different American are from each other , you think about race but Christine opens her readers eyes to a whole different view by sharing ecominic differences and how middle and low class are separate from the higher income Americans . Aren't we suppose to love and be there for one another at the end of the day no matter race , income , views or religion . We often ignore how different and separate in class we are but after our recent presidential election of Donald Trump its hard not to she the lines that separate us . We pledge to allegiance "one nation under all " but we are hypocrites to our own words as we would turn our backs on our brothers and sister before standing as one united like we pledge to be . Christine Emba Drives us to the question , do we as Americans share identiy . To be perfectly honest we don't share the same identity and that a problem we've had for centuries as a nation.
Christine Emba makes valid points all through her article . Some of the information could be questioned as it is opionated . However she does state multiple claims and back her claims up with information the reader can further draw conclusions towards her view. Emba uses ethnicity , economic and religious backgrounds to show us how divided we are than how we started . America has never truly been whole but now there so many different things tearing us apart .
Emba opens her article by statement "It shouldn’t come as a surprise that rural, white conservatives appear foreign to urban, liberal media types. But the fact that these two groups — among many others — seem to h...


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