Do I Have The Right To Be Offended?

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Everyone in this world is different or diverse in some way, either by how they look, who they are, or what they think and believe. Do I have the right to complain or seek affirmative action when someone offends me based on our differences? Do I have the right to be offended? Being offended is a decision. Anyone can choose to not let something bother them or respond to the offender with a sharp word back or a kind word, thus just letting the offence not bother them. But, people all the time will say, "They can't do that, that's not right, that offends me." If someone is offended by someone or something they have to ask themselves do I really have the right to be offended? Sure, they can choose to be offended, but on what grounds can they correct the other person? Our government was originally set up to defend the rights of the individual and for what they stand for. If someone chooses to be offended it has to be asked which standard of rights are they choosing to be offended by ...



899 words - 4 pages Free Dynasty; Umayyad clan claim caliphate and begins Shiite (Shia) –Sunni split that continues to today; Sunni dominated! - jihad = holy war in defense of faith; large reason why empire spread 2nd Caliphate capital = Baghdad - centralized absolutist imperial order formed - bureaucratization = reflected growing power of caliph -1055 Caliph will be a puppet of the Seljuk Turks (nomads from Central Asia) will remain that way until collapse Economic -key

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502 words - 3 pages Free character. Characters have an essential role of contributing to the plot, as they all have a moral purpose. Without characters, the plot would be empty and incomplete. The last four elements: Thought, Language, Melody and Spectacle, are considered the least important to Aristotle. Thought is defined as the power of saying whatever can be said and should be said about the plot. Language is defined as the actual composition of lines and how it is said

Assignment On Why Do I Want To Be A Nurse?

402 words - 2 pages JoAnn Witte Page 1Professor CudaENC 1101-12C02 February 2014Essay 1: DraftPeople won't remember what you said, people won't remember what you did,but people will remember how you feel. - Maya AngelouMy name is JoAnn Witte, my major is nursing, and my career goal is to be a nursepractitioner. I believe I am the best candidate for this scholarship because of my motivation,compassion, and desire to help others.Ever since my childhood I knew I

Justice: What's The Right Thing To Do? - Bus 102 - Book Review

1881 words - 8 pages for all other beings. Furthermore, he explains that to be virtuous, there is no need to be specific, because if youre virtuous, you know what to do. All the time. You know how to handle yourself and how to get along with others. You have good judgment, you can read a room, and you know what is right and when. Essentially, based on Aristotles statements, virtue ties into to the rest of the concepts in mind, by connecting liberty and utility to

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756 words - 4 pages The field of Pharmacy is a very demanding wide open field, filled with diversity, and many available opportunities. I feel that it will be very rewarding and beneficial to my life as well as the lives of others. Although I have always been a nurturing, compassionate, and caring person when it comes to helping others, my sense of direction as to choosing a career path became more definite during my junior year in high school. At that time, I

Do The Right Thing-Film Analysis - English 1020 - Analysis Essay

522 words - 3 pages together no less. The put aside their differences to voice their outrage at what occurred at Sal’s Famous Pizzeria, the death of Radio Raheem, taking their anger out on pizza polar. Spike Lee’s film “Do The Right Thing” with its scenic messages not only makes one question things but also questions its viewers.

Critique On Classic Movie "Do The Right Thing"

851 words - 4 pages leave the black neighborhood but Sal counters their remarks because he says that he is their benefactor and only later does he talk about competition that there would be in white neighborhood.Mokkie, most probably the protagonist of the film "Do The Right Thing", throughout the whole movie works for Sal and his two sons who both eventually end up hating him. However Mokkie really affects Sal after the police comes to break up the fight between Sal

Should immigrants have the right to vote and would it affect the US in a positive or negative way? - English - Research

747 words - 3 pages Free in modern America. As you can see, immigrants are still trying to have access to being able to vote once again just like in the more simpler times of America. In conclusion, I believe that immigrants should be given the right to vote in any type of election and not only for some local elections and have a positive impact in the United States. Due to them being able to have a new fresh input in a political situation and being let to experience a

The Right of Freedom to Live

569 words - 3 pages There are many limitations to democracy, such as the fact that people can only vote NO or YES on a specific topic area. Also, people must leave most decisions to the people they elect, since they don't have enough time to continually vote. But there should not be limitations of our basic right of freedom to live and move about and enjoy our God-given birthright to be here on our planet. I think that in a democratic society the right of freedom

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1717 words - 7 pages Professor: March 10, 2019 American Government Should all Americans have a Right (be entitled) to Health Care? Yes, I believe that all Americans should have health care. Think about were Americans life would be without medical insurance. Right now, there are over 40 million American who is currently without any type of health coverage. With the steady rise in majority of people under the age of 65 going without coverage. Even though we are one as

Students shouldn’t have to take standardized tests - School - I believe

673 words - 3 pages every year, since these need to be taken, in order to be accepted in graduate and undergraduate programs. Although most schools make students take standardized tests, I believe it does not measure the knowledge of a student accurately. Standardized tests are inaccurate due to the amount of stress and pressure put upon the students. During the week of standardized testing, many students become very stressed and feel the pressures from the school

Do You Consider That The Introduction Of The Citizen's Charter/Service First Initiatives Over The Past Decade Have Made Any Improvements To The Law Of Public Administration ?

1655 words - 7 pages The Citizen's Charter, originally launched in 1991, was set up with the aim of improving the quality and responsiveness of public services. People have no choice about whether they use a public service, for example, they cannot choose their local authority, their fire service or their Tax office. Therefore, the Conservative government believed that something had to be done to put the public sector under some sort of pressure, to improve its

How to be a wise buyer. The tricks to wise buying. How to avoid scams, and what to do if one occurs

362 words - 2 pages In any industry there are two parties. The consumer and the seller. The Consumer is the one who is willing to buy products, where the Seller is the party willing to Sell products. The two parties are very different and some times disputes may arise between the two. The following paragraphs will explain A. What problems can arise and how to avoid these problems and B. What to do under the circumstances. This text is useful information to those

The Friend I Never Knew. A Creative Writing Piece That Is Meant To Be Surround The Theme, "The New Neigbours"

1586 words - 7 pages Free about it, I couldn't come to terms with it. For two whole weeks, there was no sign of any movement from our neighbor's house. There were no more midnight fights, nothing at all. I was expecting something to go on, but nothing did. Something must have been wrong. The midnight fighting wasn't good, but none of it was even worse. Sometimes, unfamiliarity is the key to being scared; Predictability on the other hand, may be dull but safe. Then, the

Was Snowden right to release the documents? - ferris - research paper

450 words - 2 pages be a balance between security and our privacy I understand it meant to help the people to defend them but theirs a point you should not cross. The government should have to use it power wisely I can’t just be able to access everything about us at will it should have a reason. A example would be a man with a record his information should be available to the ones that need it but not everyone needs to know it. Once a reason such as terrorism is used