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Creating a Multimedia Presentation
Student Guide
Assignment Summary
For this assignment, you will work in a group to create a multimedia presentation to promote personal and
community health. Your presentation should describe the nutrition and fitness programs offered in your
community and specifically advocate for one of these programs (one of each type: one nutrition, one
fitness) by showing the benefits of the program and its importance to and impact on your community.
Background Information
The multimedia presentation is a stand-alone, automated presentation that should be created using slide
presentation software. The presentation should include the required information with slides, video clips,
photos, and sound. The sound may be a narrative or music. The presentation should be three to five (3-5)
minutes in length. This presentation should be designed as an advocacy tool for nutrition and fitness in
your community.
 Internet access  Slide presentation software
Assignment Instructions
For this project, you are expected to submit this item:
1. Multimedia presentation
Step 1: Prepare for the project.
a) Read through the guide before you begin so you know the expectations for this project. Pay
particular attention to the details you need to add to your presentation.
b) If there is anything that is not clear to you, be sure to ask your teacher.
Step 2: Research nutrition and fitness programs in your community.
a) Use reliable websites (community and government websites) to find information on the different
nutrition programs in your community.
b) Use reliable websites (community and government websites) to find information on the different
fitness programs in your community.
c) Be sure to properly document the resources you used while conducting your research.
Step 3: Create your multimedia presentation.
a) Create a title page. Your title page should include an attention-catching title and an image that
shows the message of your presentation.
b) List nutrition programs in your community.
c) Feature one nutrition program in your presentation.
i) Include this program’s importance to and impact on your community.
Student Guide (continued)
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ii) Include how students can participate in this program and the benefits they should expect to
iii) Include both personal and community health benefits of the program.
d) List fitness programs in your community.
e) Feature one fitness program in your presentation.
i) Include this program’s importance and impact on your community.
ii) Include how students can participate in this program and the benefits they should expect to
iii) Include both personal and community health benefits of the program.
f) Include a Resources Used page.
i) List the resources you used in the creation of your presentation.
Step 4: Evaluate your project using this checklist.
If you can check each box below, you are ready to submit your project.
 Did you research nutrition and fitness programs available in your community? Did you use
reliable resources to get this information?
 Does your presentation have a title page that reflects the message of your presentation?
 Did your presentation list available nutrition and fitness programs in your community?
 Did you feature one nutrition program and one fitness program in your presentation?
 Did you include these programs’ importance to and impact on your community?
 Did you include how students can participate in these programs and the benefits they
should expect to receive?
 Did you include both personal and community health benefits of the featured
 Did you include a Resources Used slide?
 Did you list the names of the members of your group in your presentation?
Step 5: Revise and submit your project.
a) When you have completed your presentation, return to the virtual classroom and use the “Add
Files” option to locate and submit your assignment. Ask your teacher for assistance if
Ask your teacher for further instructions about whether you will be presenting your multimedia
presentation to an audience of your peers for a classroom discussion. Congratulations! You have
completed your project.

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