Do People Really Enjoy Horror Movies? Com101 Argumentative Essay

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Today, the booming film industry offers a variety types of movies to satisfy people's appetites and interests. Most people can entertain themselves from comedy, action, or science fiction movies, but it is hard to believe that there is a large number of people are big fans of horror movies. Do they really enjoy watching them? Steven King, in his “why people crave horror movies”, using unique perspective and writing style explains this interesting phenomenon perfectly. Although Stephen King does not state the thesis in his article clearly, there are three persuasive appeals were used that we can infer that statement, which are ethos, pathos, and logos.
Ethos is the first one that stands out because the article is written by the Stephen King. He is very well known in the horror category. Almost everyone knows about him or have heard of his horror stories at least once, since his stories are so popular all over the world. Many of his stories have been remade into movies or TV series. These are all showing he is a very credible source. Another evidence to show the credits about the author is by telling his books sales pass 20 million copies. In addition, he also provides a long list of his famous books, and this is only a small part of his entire work practically, which is also a best example to demonstrate King’s credibility. Although ethos examples are very credible, there is another appeal illustrates the statement thoroughly as well.
Pathos is next one where the author perfectly establishes a relationship with the audience by using his text ability. Throughout the essay he makes a lot of statements to connect with the readers emotions. He uses … to make a comparison to let the readers feel that watching horror is just l...


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621 words - 3 pages black women and one cannot be held in higher value (Brooks, 461). In horror movies/ texts, the women are more often than not white and the African Americans are usually men (Brooks, 463). When women are depicted in horror films, they tend to be a boyish white woman; however, when women of color make it into horror films, they are portrayed as overly masculine, much different than the white woman (Brooks, 464). Women are portrayed this way in horror