Do You Know Which Parts Of Oahu Were Only For The Hawaiian Royalty? Leeward C. Collage Assigment

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The Pacific is a place of mystery and savagery, and yet is known to many as paradise. The Pacific is ten thousand miles wide and holds twenty-three percentage of the world’s languages and this is where you find the Polynesians. Polynesians were relocated across the pacific oceans but how Polynesians migrated? According to the article titled, “Pacific people spread from Taiwan, Language evolution, Study shows”, sourced by the University of Auckland. Researcher said "Using these new technologies the Austronesians and Polynesians were able to rapidly spread through the Pacific in one of the greatest human migrations ever. This suggests that technological advances have played a major role in the spread of people throughout the world”. Canoes is the Polynesians tools used to immigrated all over the worlds. However, I found a resourced that the Polynesian are connected to Taiwanese. In the article, “Pacific Islander’ Ancestry Emerges in Genetic Study” by John Noble Wilford. The researchers stated that they also found strong evidence showing that the genetic data showed that the Polynesians and Micronesians were most closely related to Taiwan Aborigines and East Asians. They said this supported the view that these migrating seafarers originated in Taiwan and they found three mutation shared by Taiwanese, Polynesians, and Melanesians but this is not developed in Asians.
Do you know which parts of Oahu were only for the Hawaiian royalty?  Clue: some royal homes, heiaus and royal burial areas are still there. More important: why did the highest ranking royals have to stay in these areas?  I will give you a second problem to think about: a royal person was NEVER allowed to associate with commoners as it would be a contamination of spiritual power or mana.  A...

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