Does Alexander The Great Deserve His Title "The Great?"

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In history, many great things were achieved. But it's not just about what was accomplished. It's about who did it. Wars were fought, tears were shed. One of the most well-known men who fought in these wars was Alexander the Great. Does he actually deserve the Great on the end of his name? Was he a good enough leader to have that title? Some people would beg to differ, but I believe he has every right to have the Great on the end of his name.At around age twenty-twenty-oneish, a young prince became king and prepared for the beginning to a new world. This man was called Alexander the Great. He had been tutored by Aristotle, making him very well educated and smart. This would help him out in his future for great decision making skills and an amazing strategist. The previous king, his father had been assassinated (stabbed in the ...view middle of the document...

He would be very kind to his army. He would not just make his own decisions but got their opinion too. That is why so many stayed by his side and didn't leave him even though they were longing to go home. He would also let many of his enemies go free.Alexander wasn't too easy on the many people he fought though. One of his first discoveries that he was going to be different than many leaders was when he was twelve. He tamed a horse no one could ever tame. He called him Usephalis. The horse stayed by his side forever. During war, he creates a deadly wall of spears. He created some special chariots. He was protected with his role model's shield, the shield of Achilles. In one battle, his helmet splits in two. That is amazing. Surely he should have died. But he didn't.Alexander was known in many miles of land. He became pharaoh of Egypt. He created a town in many places he went, totaling in ten. Priests said he was the son of Zeus. He gradually became the king of Asia. He is the richest man known to history (60 million dollars). He conquered one and a half million square miles. That is unbelievable. He deserves the Great for that. The entire time he was searching for this man named Darius. He had escaped two times. Alexander managed to finally capture him.Soon after the capture of Darius, Alexander's life would come to an end. He had returned to Persia. He caught Malaria. He died of a severe fever at the age of thirty-two or thirty-three. This was a very sad day. Mourning swept the nation.Overall, Alexander the Great deserved his name. He was like no other leader. He conquered thousands of miles. He was well known and recognized everywhere he traveled. He established ten cities. He mixed many different ideas. He established the greatest empire at that time. There are many more things he accomplished. I am amazed at the work he did. He created more war tactics, strategies, and weapons. He was one of the greatest men in history.


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