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Does Music Affect The Brain? Essay

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It is surprising that music is not used in more medical treatments, there are many things that we as a public are uninformed of, and one is that music can really improve our heath.Music is wired to the motor areas of the brain. The motor is the same part of the brain that helps us move. When we hear music, part of the signal flows up the motor cortex and creates a connection. Playing music has more of an impact than just listening to it. Levitin says there is a relationship between learning in general and exposure to music at a young age. Playing music has a greater impact than merely listening. "Learning an instrument helps people to pay attention better to everything in their intellectual ...view middle of the document...

People with Williams Syndrome, a genetic abnormality that affects the brain, cannot tie their shoes, read or even tell time, but they can play music as well as anyone. Some people that lose their ability to speak from trauma can still sing and recognize music. Stoke patients have been able to regain speech and language abilities much faster and more complete than those whom have not had any exposure to music as a form of their therapy. Even Alzheimer's and dementia patients have better enhanced their memory with music (Logue).Here are some interesting facts about two well known men in history; Thomas Jefferson played his violin to help him when he could not find certain words for the declaration of independence. The music helped him when he could not get the words from his brain to the paper. Another man, Albert Einstein, his parents were told when he was a young child that he was "to stupid to learn" and that he needed to be removed from school. Instead of removing him from school his parents bought him a violin. Albert became good at the violin, and also...

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