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It is surprising that music is not used in more medical treatments, there are many things that we as a public are uninformed of, and one is that music can really improve our heath.Music is wired to the motor areas of the brain. The motor is the same part of the brain that helps us move. When we hear music, part of the signal flows up the motor cortex and creates a connection. Playing music has more of an impact than just listening to it. Levitin says there is a relationship between learning in general and exposure to music at a young age. Playing music has a greater impact than merely listening. "Learning an instrument helps people to pay attention better to everything in their intellect ...view middle of the document...

People with Williams Syndrome, a genetic abnormality that affects the brain, cannot tie their shoes, read or even tell time, but they can play music as well as anyone. Some people that lose their ability to speak from trauma can still sing and recognize music. Stoke patients have been able to regain speech and language abilities much faster and more complete than those whom have not had any exposure to music as a form of their therapy. Even Alzheimer's and dementia patients have better enhanced their memory with music (Logue).Here are some interesting facts about two well known men in history; Thomas Jefferson played his violin to help him when he could not find certain words for the declaration of independence. The music helped him when he could not get the words from his brain to the paper. Another man, Albert Einstein, his parents were told when he was a young child that he was "to stupid to learn" and that he needed to be removed from school. Instead of removing him from school his parents bought him a violin. Albert became good at the violin, and a...


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1327 words - 6 pages under intense stress often seem to dramatically keel over from a heart attack, but that’s extremely rare. The real danger is the accumulated impact of chronic stress, which contributes to each of the top five risk factors for developing heart disease: abnormal cholesterol levels, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and smoking. How does stress affect the brain? Chronic stress can make your brain behave in an Alzheimer’s-like manner. Stress

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2213 words - 9 pages darelys m [COMPANY NAME] [Company address] DOES WITNESSING AND EXPERIENCING ABUSE AFFECT A CHILD’S DEVELOPMENT, OR THEIR PRONENESS TO BECOMING ABUSERS? Word Count: 2049 The Childhood Domestic Violence Association, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to helping victims of childhood domestic abuse, stated, “5 million children witness domestic violence each year in the US.” Such high numbers of witnesses to these heinous and wicked acts

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1809 words - 8 pages people's mood, physical performance and health. Moreover, music can affect people's brain works, and students can use this benefit in their favor.In some cases listening to music has negative effect on students' progress. Such music as hard rock, which has exiting sounds, can be harmful for students' education process. Many studies have found that listening to hard rock music has some negative effects on the human mind (e.g. Friedman, 1959

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602 words - 3 pages Free don’t understand why you brain does this in response to music. Low levels of dopamine can have a significant impact on a person's quality of life, affecting them both mentally, and physically. Many mental health disorders are linked to low levels of dopamine. Although music can’t cure mental illness, it can definitely help. Music changes how you feel. You become sad if you’re listing to depressing music, and you become happy if the song is joyful

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1936 words - 8 pages was established at Michigan State University and now, more than seventy colleges and universities have approved programs, according to the American Music Therapy Association (American Cancer Society, 1913). No one knows all the ways music can benefit the body but, it is known that music can affect brain waves, brain circulation, and stress hormones. Students who take music lessons have improved IQ levels and show improvement in non-musical

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974 words - 4 pages healthy alternative is always readily available. Music naturally boosts the brains dopamine levels. This means the brain does not have to be dependent on different chemicals. Music therapy is a set of activities such as performing, composing, or improvising music in an attempt to help depression and anxiety. Music’s main help is it shifts focus away from the stress and replaces it with something rather soothing, or pleasant. The University Health

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1397 words - 6 pages Music to my Ears "And here's to you Misses Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know, whoa whoa whoa." For those of us who listen to eclectic types of music, you might recognize this catchy tune from one of Simon and Garfunkel's hit's "Ms. Robinson." You might wonder why the brain memorizes certain sections of songs or tunes, or why that chorus is stuck in your head all day long even if you don't like it. Scientist's believe that the

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2102 words - 9 pages ). Country music is a mellow type of music about life. Its songs have meanings that are deep and depressing (Stack Gundlach par. #2). Author Peter Kivy argues, "Someone who is moved by music does not simply replicate the emotions that the music expresses; sad music, for instance, does not move listeners primarily by arousing sadness. Rather, a listener responds emotionally to the beauty or perfection of the music" (Maus 2). Country and

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2604 words - 11 pages didn’t understand what it was about. It was a major hit and we are going to try and work out why. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the music or not.  I am going to give a part of the lecture series to you to talk about your music.  Let’s begin. Where you are in the course: What was Hall about? What is Thompson about?  Hall – The Work of Representation. Representation, meaning and language. Human beings make meaning, it does not occur

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1632 words - 7 pages For centuries society has put standards of behavior on teen lives. Kendall Powell says in the article, How Does the Teenage Brain Work, "The adolescent brain is acting like an adult brain doing something much more difficult. An adolescent can look so much like an adult, but cognitively, they are not there yet." (865) Adults often see teens as rebellious and impulsive. In the Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet, the main characters are known for

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1384 words - 6 pages children, especially. Not only does the rap music of today carry little or no depth, but studies show that it influences violence in teens. In the online article “What Influence and Effects Does Rap Music Zuniga 4 Have on Teens Today” by Nakia Jackson, she informs the reader about research that was investigated at Western Connecticut State University. It was shown that when someone listens to music with violent connotation there is a high chance that

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492 words - 2 pages Free Intuition and Memory in the Arts I’ve recently been enjoying a specific aspect of art in the form of guitar music by a very talented guitarist Tommy Emmanuel. He is very well known for his elaborate arrangements for the guitar. I’ve been trying to learn some of his songs, but I quickly found that he does not write his own tablature or sheet music for his songs. I read more about him and I learned that he actually did not learn any music theory

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2140 words - 9 pages to be able to integrate back into their community. Patient have to learn a new way of life completely so that they can learn to live with their disabilities, many factors affect this development such as mobility, speech and vision impairments and also emotional stress. These factors are not easily repair because it is very difficult to regenerate brain cells when they have died. Overall strokes damage brain cells although the amount of damage

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588 words - 3 pages experiences some degree of nausea, and while many think they are having an allergic reaction, it’s quite the opposite. The brain is performing a natural reaction to a substance that does not belong in the blood stream and signals receptors to rid the body of the substance, thereby causing the nausea and potential vomiting. Patients may also experience a spinning sensation, creating nausea. When a person is experiencing acute pain, especially for

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413 words - 2 pages to help with stress or sometimes to fit in with others due to peer pressure. Drugs can change your life in horrible ways. They can cause family issues, financial issues, relationship problems, and sometimes even loneliness. Drugs speed up messaging to and from the brain, making a person feel more alert, hyperactive, and confident. Lots of people try to stop using drugs and it doesn’t always go as they hoped. They may experience stress, anxiety