Does Organizational Management Theory Have The Answer To Managing Service Organizations And The People That Work There?

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IntroductionNumerous attempts have been made by several companies in order to gain competitive edge over their competitors through management concepts and practices. Likewise, voluminous subjects have already been written on how companies or organizations shall succeed. Yet despite of all these attempts usually companies fail to address the ultimate root of their failure. Most likely, the formal aspect of the organization is sometimes associated to their failure. This includes the organizational design, technological facilities, financial resources, rules and regulations, customers and lastly, the formal goals of the organization. In short these are identified to be the surface competenc ...view middle of the document...

On one hand, the approach on the management practices has usually been overlooked. The task of management is to embody the individual and the organization in a common work environment where their satisfaction, needs and goals are met (Mullins 2005). The organization is the centerfold of every individual where their abilities, skills and knowledge are being applied in order to contribute to the success of the company and to acquire considerable reward reposed on to them by the organization. Therefore, it is the task of managers to take a look on their workforce and on the whole organization itself for chinks that might lead to the demise of the organization and to the decline of the level of performance of every individual worker.In this manner, the aim of this paper is to seek and inquire whether organizational and management theory provides better approach on managing organization and on facilitating the workforce behind the organization. It also aspires to discuss its implication to the whole aspect of the organization and its relevance to the ride to the crest of competitive advantage.OrganizationThe organization consists of individuals and groups interacting within the structure of the formal organization (Mullin, 2005). Furthermore, it is also the combination of important human beings, materials, tools, equipment, working space and apparatuses, which were brought together in a methodical and efficient interaction towards the accomplishment of a certain goal (Thompson 2003, p32).Within the organization the workforce is the most important aspect on it. It is where people usually apply their skills and abilities in order to attain the goals and objective of the administration. However, challenges occur for the management within the organization. The people, capital and technology have differences in fact. Humans are not the same as machines (Mullin, 2005) who can continuously work without any limitations at all.Some of the common factors in the organization include the people, objective and the structure. The nature of which is that it is presented to be as having a common concern on the basic activities of the organization and the management. Thus, within it they have inevitable differences in goals and objectives, procedures and methods, organization systems, structure and style of management as well as difference in the orientation and behavior of members of the organization (Mullin 2005).The nature and behavior of human in every organization most likely have several implications to the organization. Humans differ in perception and on their orientation towards work. They even differ in attitudes and level of performance within the workplace. In order to ensure that these people are efficient in their duties and obligations the manager or the head of the organization has the responsibility in facilitating other people's activity within the organization (Rodriguez & Echanis 2001, p 6). However, quality management is needed. The managem...


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