Does Social Media Affect Child Custody Cases - Schs - Research Paper

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Bradley 1
A’Banesha Bradley
Eng IV/Dual Credit
15 November 2017
My topic is #ConsentIsSimple. The hashtag or the “consent project” was founded by Sara
Li in 2014 who attends the University Of Kansas. Project consent began with something as
simple as an instagram page that had pictures up with the word “NO” written on them to
symbolize the end of rape. Project went from just a hashtag to becoming a non-profit
organization. In my essay i will be covering how project consent started, how many people have
used the hashtag, what it has helped prevent and how social media has helped benefit this
From the news article The Guardian states “Sexual consent is simple. ... And yet a myth
persists that establishing whether someone is a willing sexual partner is somehow complicated,
even unreasonable. Some victims are still blamed in a way that simply does not happen for
other crimes.” #ConsentIsSimple was created for those who have been sexually assaulted. It all
started from one instagram post, social networks has helped this project evolve in a massive
way. If it’s not yes, its no #ConsentIsSimple. “Project consent stemmed from something
personal and traumatic” Li stated. She had to overcome this experience and she wants to help
others do the same now.
It all started from one simple instagram post and now it has blown up. Utilizing social
media such as instagram to offer survivors a way to connect with them on a much deeper level
Bradley 2
has helped out alot. Many people who support the hashtag will hold up a sign with the consent
is simple hashtag on it and share it to the main page,some people have each made 3 second gif
videos to simplify consent and some people have even created their own instagram account pull
of pictures relating sexual assault what's wrong and whats rights.
Even though the consent project started through instagram, twitter has been a big factor
in spreading the hashtag and its meaning. The project consent page has over 4700 tweets and
7200 followers. Twitter is a better and more efficient way to bring awareness to a certain topic
because millions of people are on that social network. You don't even have to have everyone
follow you ...

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