Does Technology Affect Education? Grade 10 Essay

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Does technology affect education?
Students in the 21st century are exposed to much more advanced technology than any of the other previous generations and are expected to use it as tools in education. The topic of whether technology helps improve education and way of learning or negatively impacts learning is a very widely discussed topic and have arguments both ways. Although technology does have its negative impacts on education, the positive effects of technology on education definitely outweighs the negative effects of technology on education. Firstly, technology helps students develop new learning skills through exploration and experiences of their own. Secondly, the technology gives students easy access to information and facts which encourages students to learn and obtain new information through technology. Finally, technology allows for students to learn with different methods compared to a classroom setting. In the following paragraphs these points will be discussed in further detail.
Firstly, the use of technology helps students develop new learning skills through exploration and experiences, for example in a article written by Johnson Steven called “ Your brain on video games” he states “Despite the complexity of these environments, most gamers eschew reading manuals or walk-throughs altogether, preferring to feel their way through the game space”(Source F, 167) This quote states that students that play these video games tend to learn how the game works on their own which builds new learning skills that help students take in and remember information more effectively. Technology like video games indirectly help teens/students develop learning skills through exploration as they are able to learn from occurrences rather than having information being told to them as they are more likely to forget that and remember what they’ve experienced. These skills help enhance memory as video games tend to require visual and audial memory.
Secondly, students have easy access to information and facts through technology, which encourages them to obtain new information and do further research which expands knowledge. For example in source H, a cartoon illustration, it shows a man sitting in a library filled with  many books and he is on his laptop, that picture represents how students have such easy access to everything and are able to obtain and find information within minutes using their technology. Technology is a great advantage to education and helps students expand their knowledge on issues, and as students have much more access they are more likely to research and learn on their own. Rather than going to the library ...


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