Does The Tv Show '16 And Pregnant' Promote Teen Pregnancy? Luzerne County Community College And Sociology Research Paper

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Running head: Does the tv show’16 and pregnant’ promote teen pregnancy
Does the tv show’16 and pregnant’ promote teen pregnancy Erdman 5
Does the tv show 16 and pregnant promote teen pregnancy
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The tv show 16 and pregnant promotes and discourages teen pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is one of the most critical issue that affect societies all over the world today for various reasons. Culture is a big part in a teenaged woman becoming pregnant. In some societies women are expected to marry young and carry children as soon as they start menstruating. Teen mom and 16 and pregnant are big rating outcomes and are frequently the highest rated shows among teen girls. Teen pregnancy shows are all over social media to show the side-effects of pregnancy on the life of a teenager and to encourage teens what it’s like to be a mom as a teenager. Teen pregnancy is a big responsibility and has consequences with it.
16 and pregnant it shows how cool teen pregnancy is with a new reality series. The show stars become celebrities in their own moral showing on covers of magazines doesn’t cause the idea that having a child in high school is one way to be important. They have a lot of time to themselves, can easily find child care, will complete high school, have affordable access to health care, finish college and live on their own. The show shows how complicated it is being a parent as a teenager. It shows how babies and children really behave and how tough it is to take care of a child at a very young age when you’re a child yourself. An earlier Indiana University Study published in Sexuality and Culture in 2012 found how 16 and pregnant influences teens is determined by their family background. Fathers often spoke with their teens about sex education and the consequences of unprotected sex were less expected to have sex. Fathers who talk to their teens barely or not as often about sex were more likely involved in sexual relations. This did not look at the mother-daughter relationship. This study surveyed 313 female undergrads at 2 universities.
The National Bureau of Economic Research claims that 16 and pregnant led to 5.7 percent cut in teen births in the 18 mon...


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