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1. Research background and intro 3
2. Rationale 3
2.1. Intro: 4
2.2. Philosophical paradigm: 4
2.3. Advantages: 4
2.4. Disadvantages: 5
2.5. Analysis of data: 5
3. Research process (data collection) 6
3.1. Intro: 6
3.2. Sample and recruitment: 6
3.3. How to conduct the study (methodology): 6
4. Reflection 7
4.1. Intro: 7
4.2. Limitations: 7
4.3. Ethical considerations: 8
Bibliography 9
1. Research background and intro
1.1. This study will examine English people’s perception of the Welsh opt-out system for organ donation. There have been studies (National Health Service, 2018) which show general perceptions in England have improved, and most people are in favour, but very few are actually registered to donate There is no research on what people from England think about their Welsh neighbours’ system.
1.2. In 2015, the Welsh health authority introduced the Presumed Consent system of organ donation (Welsh Government, 2018) . Mark Drakeford, the former health minister for the Welsh assembly said that this system should be set to be implemented throughout the whole UK (Smith, 2018). Therefore, research is needed to understand the attitudes in England as it could become an important policy and legal issue in the coming years.
1.3. Some studies have shown that perceptions are positive amongst young people regarding organ donation (Coad, et al., 2013). These are useful in understanding broad perceptions but less so for specific groups. There are some studies which look into perceptions based on religion (Randhawa, et al., 2012) which may be useful in indicating how to analyse participants, and which could form the template of this study.
1.4. The reason I want to look into English people’s perception of the Welsh-system is that it is becoming a policy issue (National Health Service, 2018) and might be something that the whole country eventually has to consider (Boseley, 2017) . If perceptions are negative then we could potentially see even less organ donation. Furthermore, the current studies show that more people donated in Wales however more people also opted out (Albertsen, 2018), I want to look into whether we can see whether or not, if this were implemented into policy, people would be for or opposed to the policy in England.
1.5. Specific questions I will be looking into are:
1.5.1. What factors shape views on organ donation?
1.5.2. How does the Welsh system come across to English people?
1.5.3. Would the Welsh system be successful in England?
1.5.4. Should health authorities play a larger role in promoting organ donation?
2. Rationale
2.1. Intro:
The focus of the study will be on people who have never donated but are eligible to do so. This is a key issue in the UK, with less people donating because families are unware of the wishes of the deceased, leading to a shortage in organs donated (National Health Service, 2017) . Hopefully deeper research into the topic will help change perceptions...

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