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Domestic Violence/Abuse Awareness Essay

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IntroductionThis paper is about domestic violence and researching the different kinds of abuse and the main stages that take place in certain situations. Lately, domestic violence has been the main topic of discussion on a lot of TV shows due to the recent incident of celebrities Chris Brown and Rihanna.Domestic violence is often referred to as a public health issue and named the "silent crime" because in most cases, victims are too afraid to come forward. It is also the main cause of injuries for women between the ages of 15 and 40 years old. (Jane, O. Time Magazine, pg. 1) If someone is a victim of domestic violence they should get help from family members or friends, it's a crime that ...view middle of the document...

There are three main stages in which the abuser attitude varies with time and intensity. The three stages are tension building, incident, and relief.In the first stage, tension increases as some kind of physical assault may occur. The victims in these cases have experienced small incidents of abuse but nothing serious as to where they're in danger. They are able to help calm their abuser from dealing with their incidents in the past. The reason this stage is called the tension building cycle is because the abuses that take place are usually small and isolated, but it gets worst as time goes by. It's also the stage where the victim endures psychological stress.The second stage deals with intimidation, verbal, and emotional abuse. This stage is also known as the explosion stage where things get more difficult for the victims beyond their control. The victim becomes more afraid of their abuser and is unable to stop their violence. All the tension from stage one is released and the abuse the victim endures is torturing because the abuser has no self-control.The last stage of abuse deals with the relief of all the tension and abuse which is replaced with kindness. The abusers make promises to the victims that the abuse will stop and never resurface. In other words, the victim is to be convinced that their abuser has changed and the incidents are forgotten about. However, many victims find their courage during this stage to leave. ( Kinds of AbusePhysical abuse is anything one person may do to harm another to cause physical pain. For example, kicking, punching or pushing another person. The outcome of this kind of abuse will result in broken bones, bruises, black eyes, and sometimes death. Many victims of physical abuse practice ways to hide their bruises because they become intimidated and manipulated into not reporting their abuser. Also, some believe their abuser will harm their families or friends if they go against their will and report them.Mainly in sexual abuse cases, most of the victims are children although adults are also affected. Sexual abuse is any form of force or manipulation of sex when the abuser dominates the relationship and uses violence on their partner in order to get their way. A child being...

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