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IntroductionThis paper is about domestic violence and researching the different kinds of abuse and the main stages that take place in certain situations. Lately, domestic violence has been the main topic of discussion on a lot of TV shows due to the recent incident of celebrities Chris Brown and Rihanna.Domestic violence is often referred to as a public health issue and named the "silent crime" because in most cases, victims are too afraid to come forward. It is also the main cause of injuries for women between the ages of 15 and 40 years old. (Jane, O. Time Magazine, pg. 1) If someone is a victim of domestic violence they should get help from family members or friends, it's a crime t ...view middle of the document...

There are three main stages in which the abuser attitude varies with time and intensity. The three stages are tension building, incident, and relief.In the first stage, tension increases as some kind of physical assault may occur. The victims in these cases have experienced small incidents of abuse but nothing serious as to where they're in danger. They are able to help calm their abuser from dealing with their incidents in the past. The reason this stage is called the tension building cycle is because the abuses that take place are usually small and isolated, but it gets worst as time goes by. It's also the stage where the victim endures psychological stress.The second stage deals with intimidation, verbal, and emotional abuse. This stage is also known as the explosion stage where things get more difficult for the victims beyond their control. The victim becomes more afraid of their abuser and is unable to stop their violence. All the tension from stage one is released and the abuse the victim endures is torturing because the abuser has no self-control.The last stage of abuse deals with the relief of all the tension and abuse which is replaced with kindness. The abusers make promises to the victims that the abuse will stop and never resurface. In other words, the victim is to be convinced that their abuser has changed and the incidents are forgotten about. However, many victims find their courage during this stage to leave. ( Kinds of AbusePhysical abuse is anything one person may do to harm another to cause physical pain. For example, kicking, punching or pushing another person. The outcome of this kind of abuse will result in broken bones, bruises, black eyes, and sometimes death. Many victims of physical abuse practice ways to hide their bruises because they become intimidated and manipulated into not reporting their abuser. Also, some believe their abuser will harm their families or friends if they go against their will and report them.Mainly in sexual abuse cases, most of the victims are children although adults are also affected. Sexual abuse is any form of force or manipulation of sex when the abuser dominates the relationship and uses violence on their partner in order to get their way. A child be...


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2155 words - 9 pages life such as being abused or becoming abusive. (Harth, Health & Social Care) It is also important to know and understand what all domestic violence consists of. When some people hear the term domestic violence the individuals may automatically assume physical violence, but as Professor Umoren Okon mentions abuse can also include sexual abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, and psychological abuse. (Umoren) This article review will analyze

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3019 words - 13 pages determine the results and answers given. Previous studies have identified that majority of domestic violence cases are never reported to the police. This research however depends on the cases that are reported to the police.  Shipway (2004) argues that advocacy and creating awareness on the importance of granting marriage partners their rights would also serve as positive motivator to preventing abuse. Teaching communities on the importance of

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2591 words - 11 pages talked to 37% of these women about family violence, 44% of the family domestic violence victims spoke to someone about the problem(Healthy People, 2010). American women account for nearly 31% that have been sexually or physically abuse by their husband or boyfriend.The episodes of physical and mental abuse were linked to physical health such as: Arthritis, chronic back and neck pain, frequent headache and migraines, speech stammering, vision problems

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1949 words - 8 pages Domestic violence is a large social issue in the United States today. Domestic violence includes sibling abuse, elder abuse, spouse abuse, and child abuse. Domestic violence has many names; family violence, wife or child beating, and domestic abuse. Spouse abuse talks about abuse from a marital or a dating partner in an intimate relationship. Domestic violence is merely not just physical, but is any behavior that is intended to control another

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2213 words - 9 pages . Allowing abused people to understand that the reporter’s intentions are to understand and cultivate awareness to the issue, while still gaining more information on such an important and dominant subject is a necessity. Ultimately, it is evident that the cognitive and emotional development of a child may be altered after extensive exposure to abuse. Domestic abuse and violence can be linked to the decreased and altered growth of regions of the

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772 words - 4 pages victim of abuse is to leave her perpetrator, many of us wonder why victims of abuse never leave; as easy as it may be for some who is not a victim of abuse to leave from an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, there are several factors in a domestic violence victim’s life that may contribute as barriers to abandon her abuser. My rhetorical aim for this paper is to explain what these factors are and how they act as barriers for the victim

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1656 words - 7 pages Free battering and child maltreatment. How does the male breadwinner role impact on parenting stress, competence and abuse? 10-21/23 Module 4: West, Carolyn M., Glenda Kaufman Kantor & Jana L. Jasinski. (1998). Sociodemographic Predictors and Cultural Barriers to Help-Seeking Behavior By Latina and Anglo American Battered Women." Violence and Victims, 13(4): 361-375. [On Reserve] Domestic Violence Module: Discuss West, Kantor and Jasinski's findings

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700 words - 3 pages Domestic Violence Final Essay Domestic Violence plays a huge role on many phycological disorders within people, especially in adolescents. It can range in many different forms, such as verbal, mental or even physical abuse. It’s a huge link to weight gain, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Domestic Violence affects more and more children growing in adult hood. Like child abuse, domestic violence allows an abuser in

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2516 words - 11 pages female foetus. Females could be killed against violence, such as sexual and abuse. You could also be involved in domestic violence, such as sexual harassment. According to the National Violence Against Women Survey (1998), 15% of women will be the raped and the 2.1% of men. To link it with the feminist, number of term have been used by the feminists to express gendered violence, the list is violence against women, domestic violence, partner


353 words - 2 pages Youth violence is an increasing concern in our society. Violence, as defined in Webster's online dictionary, is an "intense, turbulent or furious and often destructive action or exertion of (physical) force so as to injure or abuse." There is a growing perception that there is a steady rise in violence amongst today's youth, and with this increased attention, comes many sources of blame for their actions, however, all but one are simply excuses

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411 words - 2 pages I will provide you a review of the 1985 movie "Battered Wives, Shattered Lives", narrated by Mr. Ed Asner. The movie sheds some light on numerous cases and instances of domestic violence and the battering of women.The states of New Jersey, Minnesota, and Alaska have taken action to recognize the domestic violence issues and taken action to hold the abusers accountable for their unjust actions. Abuse was said to be actions involving beating and

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1520 words - 7 pages of thinking, education of protective skills should be taught to women and awareness-raising among men to combat the prevalence of sexual violence. This can bring awareness to those seeking cultural change through instillation of sexual assault. Preventable measures such as educating the public to encourage ethical way of thinking and their attitudes on sexual assault, is as significant as persecuting sexual assault at a higher penalty. Conclusion

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1649 words - 7 pages - ~ National Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention 1-800-931-2237 ~National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE ~National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) ~Family Violence Prevention Center 1-800-313-1310 ~National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD (422-4453) ~Exploitation of Children 1-800-843-5678 ~(LGBT) Trevor Hotline (Suicide) 1-866-4-U-TREVOR ~Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-827-7571 ~National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800

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2342 words - 10 pages investigation or prosecution.  The Department of Homeland Security released a statement expressing that “The U visa is in place largely to protect women and children who may be victims of crimes such as human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault and other abuse, but are afraid to report the crimes due to factors including the language barrier, cultural differences, lack of knowledge of U.S. laws and deportation fears” ("U and T visa," 2016

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321 words - 2 pages It was surprising to me when I read that Native American women experience the highest rate of violence among any other racial group. I always thought Native people were so peaceful and calm. However I then read that most of the violence towards them are from another race. It was shocking to learn that ¾'s of Native American women have experienced some kind of sexual abuse in their lives This means that if we have gone to school with any