Domestic Violence And Its Effects Upon Children Qualitative Research Research Paper

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Domestic Violence and its Effects upon Children
Tyesha S. Williams
Saint Leo University
Domestic Violence and its Effects Upon Children in America
As domestic violence increases throughout America so does the impact that domestic violence has upon the children inside the homes exposed to it. This is important to understand because exposure to domestic violence increases the chances that the child will make poorer decisions in life such as being abused or becoming abusive. (Harth, Health & Social Care) It is also important to know and understand what all domestic violence consists of. When some people hear the term domestic violence the individuals may automatically assume physical violence, but as Professor Umoren Okon mentions abuse can also include sexual abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, and psychological abuse. (Umoren) This article review will analyze multiple articles that will discuss domestic violence and the effects that domestic violence has on children.
Domestic Violence and its Effects Upon Children
Influence of Domestic Violence and Parenting Style on Children’s Psychological Well-Being
Professor Umoren Okon conducted a study in 2018 that researched children that were exposed to domestic violence. The study consisted of 431 children. (Umoren) The children were asked a series of questions in which they were instructed to tell the truth. The questions were then rated upon the Children’s Exposure to Domestic Violence Scale and Ruff Psychological Well-being Scale. (Umoren) The conclusion of this study was that domestic violence has a strong impact on children’s mental mind state. The impact was so much so that the parents were recommended to counseling in hopes to eliminate any more exposure to the kids to domestic violence.
Ecological Understanding of readiness to engage with interventions for children exposed to domestic violence and abuse
Professor Howarth proposed a theory that children who were exposed to domestic violence are more likely to make poor decisions in life. Professor Howarth also proposed that due to limited resources and interventions this problem will continue to be a downward cycle as children who are exposed to domestic violence are more likely to become abusers or to be with abusers themselves. (Howarth)
Health Consequences of Witnessing Domestic Violence Among Children
Doctor Sucharita explored the effects of domestic violence on children. Doctor Sucharita’s research began as early as children that were still inside the womb. Doctor Sucharita noted in her studies that pregnant women who underwent domestic violence displayed higher numbers of premature births. (Maji) Her study gave light to the concept that the environment that a child grows up in does influence the child’s life decisions. She studied over 100 children and monitored their interactions to see how children that were exposed to domestic violence adjusted to life versus children who were not.
Doctor Sucharita study presen...


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