Dont Suck The Life From Our Oceans Horace Greeley High School And English Assignment

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The target audience of my magazine advertisement is for everyone, but mostly for people at
around seven years old and up. To inform the ones who understand that straws, plastic in
general, is harming and killing our wildlife. Our wildlife has not harmed us as bad as we are
harming them and that makes no sense, some of them even learn to love us and trust us. And we
hurt them. The colouring is very neutral and simple. With a pop of brown and green for the turtle
and a very big, bright, red straw in the middle of the advertisement. It is very bright and clear as
the light is coming from the background like the sun and you can see everything clearly. The
straw and turtle are the biggest things in the picture, which are placed in the centre of the
advertisement and are the first things that catch your attention. The turtle looks very
uncomfortable and looks like it is choking on the big, red straw. The turtle almost looks dead or
close to it, which is very sad and disappointing. The turtle looks like it is trying to get out of the
glass and get away. It looks like it is squeezed from the ice cubes at the same time as getting
choked from the big straw in the glass. This advertisement’s caption states “Don’t suck the life
from our oceans.” I think this caption works perfectly with the advertisement because the image
clearly is a turtle in a glass filled with a liquid with ice cubes and the turtle has a...

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