Down The Line; The Story Of Carlton Fisk's Legendary Home Run - Catholic Memorial English - Essay

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James Celli January 16, 2019
English 9E Mr. Catano
Down the Line
October 21, 1975 - not a seat empty in Fenway. 35,205 people in attendance for Game 6
(Baseball Reference) of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the Cincinnati Reds.
The Sox had a great regular season, tallying up 95 wins and 65 losses. However, the Reds had an
outstanding season, putting up some of their largest numbers in their history. Racking up 108
wins and only losing 54 (Baseball Reference). They seemed unstoppable, but only the mighty
Sox could give them the best fight.
The game started off in Boston’s favor, picking up three runs in the 1st, and held
Cincinnati to none. No scoring until the 5th, but the Reds tied it back up when they snatched
three runs of their own. After a scoreless 6th, the Reds picked up 2 in the 7th, then 1 more in the
8th, and had gained the momentum and had seemed to start to run away with the game, putting
Boston’s season out of reach (Brown).
But the home team bounced back, bringing life back into Boston even at the brink of
elimination. They had broke the momentum in two and had kept it for themselves. The Sox
picked up 3 right after the Reds had scored in a historic comeback in the 8th through a
remarkable three run homer by pinch-hitter Bernie Carbo, a hero for the moment, but even this
would not have been the most heroic act by a Boston player (O’Connor). Both squads stayed
stagnant in the 9th, then the 10th, even the 11th inning. No runs allowed, even in such an action
packed game. In the top of the 12th, the R...

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