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The dowry system in present form has reduced a bride groom to the status of a saleable commodity. The best boy is auctioned to the highest bidder in the marriage-market. The advertisement in the matrimonial columns read like tenders. It has vitiated the whole atmosphere of our society. The mercenary parents consider their marriageable sons as blank cheques who can fetch any amount. Most of the traditional marriage negotiations hinge on money considerations. As the result of this, ...view middle of the document...

But this will happen only if there is a complete change in attitude towards marriage of all persons who are directly connected with it, for instance, of the bride and bride grooms and the girls and boys itself. The system of dowry has debased our culture. Nowadays dowry deaths hit the headlines of the newspapers. The poor brides either commit suicide or are murdered by their criminal husbands. The dowry deaths are symptoms of a deep-rooted social disease. They should not only grab the attention of the yellow press but also deserve the attention of the right thinking citizens.

It cannot be eradicated through legislations only. The police officials cannot enforce an anti dowry law, as they are also victims to this menace. What is needed is a complete change in our social awareness. The evil of dowry will die a natural death once women become economically independent.

Those persons who believe in this system and practice it unashamedly should be socially boycotted. The public humiliation can discourage them from accepting dowry. There should be a brigade in each locality to combat this evil system. But, it requires a band of dedicated social workers who can oppose and expose those persons who practice it.


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