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Jekyll and HYDE Study Guide: Test
The test will be in two parts:
20 Questions relating to the text, themes, and structure of the novel A mini-essay on the following question:
How does Stevenson explore the duality of human nature in the novel, Jekyll and Hyde?
You will be allowed to bring an outline (which can include possible quotations you might want to use) into the text with you, and we will review the structure and possible ideas for the question before the test. DO NOT WRITE OUT THE ESSAY BEFOREHAND.

1. What are the key themes in the novel? Reputation, Duality, Secrecy, Knowledge) What evidence do you have for this? (one or two examples will do) 2. The narrative of the book is fragmented, made up of various letters and documents. What is the structure of the novel, and what does Stevenson achieve by structuring it in this manner? (Think point of view and mystery) 3. What kind of language would you expect to find in a Gothic novel?

4. What was the context of the novel? (Hint: Think about the historical context) 5. Text Review; What is Mr. Utterson's job?
What time of day is it when Enfield witnesses "a little man" trampling over a girl?
How much money does the little man give the girl's family to avoid a scandal?
In whose name is the cheque signed?

Chapt 2
What document does Utterson start looking at after his evening meal?
Where does Lanyon live, and why is it significant as an area?
How long ago did Jekyll and Lanyon fall out? Over what?
When Utterson meets Hyde, what does he ask to see?
What is the servant's name?
How do the first two chapters develop like a detective story?

Chapt 3
What does Jekyll beg Utterson to do? Should anything happen to him?
What impression does Stevenson give of Jekyll's character?

Chapt 4
Who witnesses the murder of Carew by Mr. Hyde?
Why doesn't the witness call the police?
To whom did Utterson once give the stick used a...

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