Drama Script About Fooling In Love, Comedia De Arte Drama Script

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Year 9 Drama
‘Fooling in Love’ Performance Analysis Task
Complete the following questions, in full sentences, in ‘Commedia Dell Arte’ section of One Note.
Part 1: All students must complete tasks 1 and 2 below
1. Write a brief summary on what the performance was about.
2. What did you think of the performance? Discuss one thing in the performance that you liked or was done well and one thing in the performance that you did not like or could have been done better. Don’t forget to explain why.
Part 2: Complete at least 5 Points worth of tasks from the list below.
1 Point Tasks
· What modern figure closely resembles the Pantalone in the performance? In your response, list one example of a similar feature between the Pantalone and the modern figure (could be costume, personality, views etc)
· How does the Pulcinella convince the Arlecchino to help him scam Il Capitano?
· Describe the voice of the Colombina. In your response, talk about: tone, pitch, volume, accent and evaluate whether or not the voice was effective in the performance and why.
· Select and discuss one prop that was used in the performance. In your response, explain what the prop was used for and whether or not it was used effectively in the performance and why.
· What was climax (peak or key moment) of the performance? How do you know this?
· Describe one example of slapstick (comedic violence) in the performance. In your response, explain where this occurred in the performance, why it occurred and whether or not the use of slapstick was effective (or funny) and why.
2 Point Tasks
· Describe the costume worn by the Pantalone. What did the costume pieces represent? What clues did the costume give the audience about Pantalone as a character? Do you think they were effective? Why or why not?
· Why does Pantalone want to do business with Il Capitano and why does...


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1000 words - 4 pages the script across to the audience. It has a more vivid atmosphere than if the script was perhaps displayed in a film. All of the special and well thought out auditory and acting characteristics in the production of this play essentially allow a deeper and elevated understanding to the text. The production doesn’t fail to stay true the script and creates its own commentary of the text. Considering the entire play, the script becomes fluent and intelligible as well easy to empathize in many ways. Being able to hear the ongoing drama on the stage in the most effective manner ,propels a further emotional captivation and feeling.

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1377 words - 6 pages están naciendo para volver a empezar la comedia inútil.", El Túnel). Como resultado, Castel enfrenta el absurdo de su existencia. Su vida carece de sentido. Si nos referimos al entorno socio económico como posible determinante de esta situación, no es coincidencia encontrar que esta obra literaria transcurre en 1946, época donde Argentina experimentó un boom industrial. Alrededor de estos a&ntilde

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1202 words - 5 pages Free love by prioritizing her personal future. Sometimes she feels as if she’s missing out but getting straight A’s, hitting the gym four times a week, and making about $500 a week seems to me like she’s got her life in order. She doesn’t need a relationship to feel whole, she’s already got that down. Although her life does not fit many fantasies of romantic love, by focusing on making herself happy she’s practicing self love, and that’s perfectly ok