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Dream worldThe warmth of the blanket upon me keeps my body safe and relaxed. My arms and legs stop trying to interact with this physical world. Peacefully, they give up and rest. My head falls further into the softness of my pillow. My eyes are closed slightly and my mind. I use my intuition to see through the world. I dream…Suddenly, the deafening noise of the alarm clock woke me up with a startling jolt. It seemed ...view middle of the document...

The room looked the same as it did before I went to sleep. In the bright orange light that seemed to come from hells keep itself, shown through the flimsy curtains from the eerily noiseless street behind our house I could see that nothing was amiss. Nothing that I could notice straight away that is.As I got up from my bed, I saw that my sister was not in her bed. I looked around once more, as the feeling of peculiar alarm and angst worked from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.I was at once perturbed and shaken as I saw that the room was clean, severely clean. There was naught on the tables, or in the wardrobe, not dust nor a shadow of the things that had been there and as I turned to look at the alarm clock, I was only more agitated to find the side table to be glimmeringly spotless.As the twisted black feeling of fear grew, I knew I had to go through the entire house. Having no idea of what time it was; except that it was dark; sinister as any night in a horror movie outside, I went through each and every room in our house only to find all of them stripped bare, like a new born baby, from the ceiling to the floor. It was as though it had taken hours for me...


Assignment On Rethinking the American Dream

327 words - 2 pages person who works at construction site. This makes me think I should go to third world country and build town just like Levitton. Part of the article made me really dream about something. This houses were built 19467-1950, these era were when people having an American dream. In my opinion American dream is relevant to the labor movement. What is good if you work at minimum wages and work hard. That doesn't go near the middle class. So middle class

The American Dream Essay

799 words - 4 pages Edgardo RodriguezProfessor ZavalaEnglish 1AJanuary 8, 2014The American DreamTraditionally, the American Dream has meant a chance at a better life in a new land. For generations, people have come here to America in hopes of having a successful, prosperous and meaningful life. People from across the world travel and risks their lives to be able live this dream. The American Dream represents all of those things to me as well, and more, as stated in

Essay On Offshoring American Dream

2671 words - 11 pages Offshoring American DreamWith globalization, moving labor in developing countries became the usual practice for big corporations in the 20th century. They use it to cut down the cost of production, and many workers in developing world are happy to be able to work and provide for their families. The companies are often vilified for exploiting the workers and providing poor working conditions. In the article "The Noble Feat of Nike," Johan Norberg

Essay On The American Dream And Politics

2459 words - 10 pages Akinwumi, Akinbola E. “A New Kind of Entanglement? Immigrants, The ‘American Dream’ and the Politics of Belonging.” Geografiska Annaler Series B: Human Geography 88.2 (2006):249-253. Academic Search Complete. 22 Oct. 2007Akinbola E. Akinwumi is a Nigerian scholar with interests in global studies, cultural geography and the politics of development. He is a researcher at the Information Aid Network (IFANET), Ibadan, Nigeria

The American Dream - "The Great Gatsby"

515 words - 3 pages to be something that makes you happy? Daisy wants a family structured man, Tom, even though he is cheating on her, while Gatsby is the opposite. "I hope she'll be a fool - that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." (21) Daisy tells Nick what she said when her daughter was born. She wants her daughter to be a "fool" so that she won't understand and be hurt if her husband mistreats her or is disloyal to her. The American Dream is a goal, or a plan, to have a perfect spouse, children, home, life. The characters in this book wish that they had that, but don't try hard enough to get it.

The Great Gatsby The American Dream Analysis

916 words - 4 pages . The dream Gatsby inexorably pursues shatters as he discovers that for years he has pursued not love, but cold, hard, money, hidden behind the disguise of a human face. Subsequently, when Gatsby dies, any chance the American Dream has of surviving in the dehumanized modern world dies with him. The hopes and dreams which have strengthened and uplifted Gatsby shatters as he lies in the pool, "[looking] up at an unfamiliar sky through frightening

My Dream For America: End Of Racism

413 words - 2 pages actions for disagreements. If my dream for America comes true, everyone can contentedly express him or herself. Equality will be divided evenly among all human beings. Among the places I have been to, whether my school or the mall, quarrels erupt at the blink of an eye. Why is that? Again, the answer is discrimination. If I can realize my dream, there will be an end or at least a reduction in derision. Teasing would no longer exist in the world

my accomplishment american dream - lynn school - essay

542 words - 3 pages Free you truly believe it is ...view middle of the document... I would like to graduate with a degree in psychology; I have always been fascinated with the way a mind works, but not only that it can improve people at such a high degree that I would consider it as a trait for the morally right. I believe such knowledge; to be used to benefit the entire community and as well as some parts of the world that is deprived of their humanities. We can better

A Midsummer Night's Dream: The Concept of Dreaming - English - Essay

941 words - 4 pages them all. Through these scenarios, Shakespeare points out that the concept of dreaming and the world of dreams are heavily implied and significant to the story and its message. As the appearance of magic and the supernatural become the ramifications for the play and the mood of everything being a ‘just a dream’. The appearances of these events become distinguishable yet questionable as our own and the character’s interpretations become uncertain

Of Mice and Men and the American Dream - English - essay

1309 words - 6 pages they’re lacking Lennie’s investment. We learn from the last fourth paragraph that Crooks backs out from their plan because he’s black, and he will never gain the same respect as anyone else gets no matter how hard he tries. George admits that Crook is right about not being able to find freedom or happiness. That will never be found in this harsh and lonely world we live in. The American Dream was simply just a “dream”. Steinbeck was inspired to

The Great Gatsby and The American Dream - AP English - Essay

632 words - 3 pages Free restless, a dissatisfied, a searching people.” In other words, Steinbeck argues that Americans put so much value into material things and wealth that once they labor away to obtain that wealth, they end up ultimately empty. Americans thrive on their possessions and social statuses. Both Fitzgerald and Steinbeck describe the sad truth of the American dream- the emptiness that results in a life engrossed in a material world. Paradox and Dream exposes

The American Dream... is it possible? - 2019 - Essay

512 words - 3 pages verses it not in their originating country. Life only works if you do. In this world I feel like most people think everything will just be handed to them. This is only the case for a very very small percentage of the population like the people in East egg in the book “Great Gatsby”. If you want the dream of being free financially and spiritually then you need to put in the work. The only person that really cares about your success is yourself and

Does Fitzgerald Condemn The American Dream In "The Great Gatsby?"

1372 words - 6 pages Fitzgerald not only condemns the American Dream but sets the death and downfall of the American Dream as the primary theme of the novel. Throughout the novel Fitzgerald deliberately makes all characters with money appear to be unhappy, dysfunctional, snobbish, and immoral, thus contradicting the stereotyped idea of the American Dream. The American Dream that includes a happy family, living together, having lots of money and living happily ever

Raisin in the Sun American Dream - School - Essay

793 words - 4 pages Raisin is the Sun is about an American family who is trying to obtain that American dream. The younger family comes from poverty and want to improve their lives.  The idea of the American dream is viewed differently by each member of the Younger family. All the characters have different ideas of how to improve their life’s. Walter Younger thinks money is that why to go , Mama thinks a better house is the way to go and Beneatha thinks education

American Dream in The Great Gatsby - English III - Essay

1153 words - 5 pages throughout the whole story, Gatsby has revealed the cruel reality hidden behind the American Dream. His illusion and obsession over Daisy completely overcome his realization of his lonely real life, leading him to drown deeply in his irresistible made up world. As Nick describes the expression on Gatsby’s face when he is leaving at one day, “a faint doubt had occurred to him as to the quality of his present happiness. Almost five years! There must