Dreams. From Why We Dream To How To Control Them

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Ever wonder why do we dream? What is the purpose? Some people think our dreams are meaningless, but yet why do we dream? There isn't a human being who haven't dreamed before. Everyone dreams some point in there life, some more than others but it still happens. During my research I established that dreams are controlled by the brain, by our surrounding or emotions. For instance, brain experts would tell you that we dream because our need constant stimulation. In other words, while we are awake we get this stimulation from what goes on around us; but when we are sleeping, the brain has no stimulation. Moreover, our surrounding while sleeping deals with the mood of the room and at times you end up dreaming about it. For example, feeling cold makes you dream of winter, ice cream etc. Another reason why we dream may perhaps deal with our attitude about certain things. Like feeling stressed or afraid may lead to nightmares.What are nightmares really composed of? Well, having nightmares could deal with bad experiences in the past that you cant forget or cant put aside. When you are constantly having nightmares it means something is obviously is bothering you. Nightmares are usually about problems that are going on in your head. The only way to handle nightmares and make them stop, is to deal with your problems and eventually the uncomfortable nights will come to an end.Interpreting your dreams may take different methods and depends on the person. The most general method that people often use is breaking down your dream into understandable symbols. Symbols have personal meanings that you should be able to recognize. Another option in interpreting dreams is getting a dreams dictionary which helps you reveal the possible meaning. Some examples, dreaming about angels symbolizes goodness and purity. Yet dreaming of devils often mean evilness but in selected cases can mean cunning. So in order in trying to discover your dream you may want to concentrate in breaking your dream down or possibly write it down.Controlling your dream may be a little more difficult then finding the meaning. There are two ways in controlling dreams and they are through lucid dreams or by incubation, which means forcing a dream. Lucid dreams are when you are aware that you are dreaming before you wake up. Controlling lucid dreams are possible and common. Unfortunately, it is not recommended because dreams are meant to communicate with you. Incubation is when asking for a dream repeatedly before you fall asleep. This method is also not recommended. In this case, incubation dreaming is nothing more than talking to yourself, only you are communicating with a deeper part of yourself. Controlling your dream using incubation only means you are receiving answers that you already know.Now, remembering dreams can be a bit confusing and forgettable at times but then again, it depends on the person. If you don't usually remember your dreams and especially if you use incubation, you will most likely wake up in the middle of or right after a dream. If you are interested in finding the meaning or just remembering, it is smart to keep a notebook and something to write with by your bed to keep track. In doing so you, you are not just analyzing your dreams but the often this method is used ,the more you are likely to remember your dreams on your own.Dreaming is a wonderful thing in which reveals hidden messages. The only job for us is to comprehend our dreams and listen carefully. Dreams warns us about future problems and it also show us how we are really feeling. I will suggest when dreaming try and figure out and break down the symbols of your dreams. Who knows it might change things for the better. You will never know until you define your dreams.


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