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The purpose of this project is to show your understanding of the terms and concepts shown in Units 1 and 2 by writing a creative paper using current events and the list of terms and concepts for these chapters.
· Find two articles from the approved list of news sources. The articles cannot be older than 1 year. The topics of the articles must relate to any topics in Units 1 – 2. Make a copy of the articles. Make sure documentation for the article is placed on your copies. Read each article and show that you read the articles by annotating the articles. Annotation does not mean just underlining or highlighting your readings. Your thoughts must show on the articles. On the copy of the articles make sure that the topics you have chosen to research (from Units 1 and 2) are written at the top of the articles
· Using the list of terms/definitions from the vocabulary lists in Units 1 – 2, choose 10 – 15 words/phrases that you would like to use in your creative paper. When you make the final choices please make sure that you list the vocab term and the unit # in the following chart.
Vocab term and unit
Vocab term and unit
Vocab term and unit
Vocab term and unit
· Choose one of the following creative writing projects to present your material. Highlight your choice.
· Fairy tale
· Detective story
· Short play
· Science fiction
· Plot for a movie
· Plot for an infomercial
· Your creative paper should have a plot with a character or characters. The plot can be related to one or both of the current event articles that you read. The characters can be real or you can make up the characters or borrow the characters.
· Your creative paper should have the following mechanics:
· 2-4 complete pages long
· Typed, double-spaced, paragraphs
· 10-15 words/phrases from the Units 1-2 list of terms/definitions. They should be used in their appropriate form within the context of the paper. Please do not define the words within the context of the paper.
· The word/phrases you use must be highlighted within the paper.
· Proofread your paper – more than 2 grammatical, misspelled, punctuation mistakes will cause you to start losing...

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