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Drug Testing         My First Topic Paper Is Drug Testing. Drug

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Drug Testing My first topic paper is drug testing. Drug testing is used in all fields of work, from a fast food employee to a professional athlete. Is it morally right for companies to give their employees random drug tests? I think so.This could be considered an invasion of privacy, but it is necessary for companies to be sure that everyone in the company is clean and in a safe working environment.In the profession of sports athletes get suspended all of the time when they fail a drug test. The drug testing is absolutely great that the drug tests are given at random, that helps keep these employees clean and away from the source. If an employee refuses to take a drug test they should be ...view middle of the document...

He was of course suspended and forced to go into a rehab clinic for a period of time. If this is used by companies it could bring out a positive outcome, because they would have the help they need, and given a second chance they may feel re-dedicated to the job and feel that they owe the company, with great results at work with the motivation.Of course there is always opposing sides to the problem. Critics of drug testing argue that the employees have a basic right to their own privacy, and what they do with their personal time is their own business and as long as it does not effect the company. They feel employers cannot intrude on this privacy without serious cause and a reasonable manner. Routine and random drug testing, they claim, clearly violate an employees right to privacy. Their are many reasons such as these programs, by nature, subject employees to humiliation and invade their routinely and randomly, not because not because there is reasonable suspicion of drug abuse. Drug testing is not an effective means for screening out employees whose on the job performance is being impaired by drugs. The results of drug testing only indicate that traces of a drug are affecting a person at work. In some cases, a drug used days earlier will still register on the test. Most of all, the results of drug tests are notoriously unreliable, a stated fact is that 1000 of every 100,000 samples taken will give erroneous results.Drug testing, then, presents us with a difficult moral issue in that how do respect an employers right to a productive and affective workplace, and at the same time protect our rights to privacy? The companies have a moral right to give these drug tests with the same right anyone should have for any rules or regulations. First of all, if people have a...

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