Drug Trafficking And The Affect It Has On Society - La Jolla Country Day/ History - Essay

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Drug trafficking
Dillon Jones
Drug trafficking
Drug trafficking in the United States dates back to the 19th century. From opium to
marijuana to cocaine, a variety of substances have been illegally imported, sold
throughout U.S. history. The drug trade has left the U.S in pieces with children of drug
abusers often being neglected,abused and worse. With over 9.2 percent of the country
hooked on illicit drugs​ (An illicit drug is a “highly addictive and illegal substances such
as heroin, marijuana and meth.”​ Many americans find themselves loss and hooked on
these highly addictive drugs. ​ ​The problem with this drug trade is that it is almost
“impossible to stop” says the Mexico’s president. The reasons drug trafficking is so
popular is because it is such a lucrative business, “bringing in 19 to 29 billion dollars
each year” in the US(according to CNN).
This lucrative business is attracting more and more teens at devastating cost.
Said well by ​Kristina Davis​, a Contact Reporter at the San diego tribune “They made a
lot of promises at first.” Promising a teen in Tijuana a better life for him and his mom. A
student who crosses the border daily and attends a San Diego high school was lured
into smuggling drugs. The traffickers saying that “we will protect you” and the teen
learning the hard way said,“But they weren’t protecting me,they were protecting their
drugs.” The teen was caught and lost everything. It is evident that this is a real problem
and a really sophisticated one.
Section 1
Drug trafficking is not only a problem in the americas, it is a problem globally. With over
255 million worldwide who are hooked on drugs according to United Nations Office of
Drugs and Crime. With this many people taking these drugs and throwing their lives
away, it looks impossible to stop this drug trade. With one drug lord taken down another
will fall into it place. In Mexico drug smugglers have succeeded in utilizing burrows to
transport drugs into ...

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