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Drums Essay

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Music is surely one of the things that millions of children, kids, teen and adults all over the world love and enjoy. There are all different types of music to choose from there is Rock, Alternative, pop, jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, Electronic, Country, Folk, Blues, Reggae, World, Latin, Classical, New Age, and you can just go on and on with this list. In music it takes a lot of skills, time and patients to create it. Musicians such as people who play the Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Piano have to put in a lot of time love and dedication into their work. One thing that I do love about music is the sound of the beat, and that is why I like the drums. To be a good drummer you need the skills and ...view middle of the document...

Learning on your own is cool and all the best way to learn is one on one with an experience drummer.An inspiration or and artist can be important when learning how to drum. The reason why is so that you can listen drumming to his or her music. Listening to other people music is a good idea because you will learn different Tec necks and you can also playing along with them. My favorite artist is Lars Ulrich of METALLICA. The reason why I enjoy the drumming of Lars Ulrich is because of the sound and the Tec neck that he used with his double bass and the amazing energy what he puts into the music the music with his band. Some of my other favorite drummers that I look up to are Abe Cunningham of the DEFTONES, John Dolmayan of SYSTEM OF A DOWN, Ron Welty of the OFFSPRING, John Tempesta of Rob Zombie and David Silveria of KORN. As you can see I am really into Rock music other music is ok by me but rock is really my thing.When it comes to gear and accessories you first must know what kind of sound you want. If you are beginner you just might want to get a standard drum kit. A standard kit usually comes with a snare drum that goes between your legs, a tom and a tom tom, which is located above the snare. The tom is on the left and the tom tom is to the right, the tom tom is bigger the tom. Next is the base drum and the base peddle, the base drum in located under the snare and the toms and you hook the base peddle up to the base drum. The floor drum goes all the way to the right or the drum kit next to the tom tom. Each of theses drums has a drumheads or skins on each side. The drumhead is the part of the drum that you hit. The...

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