Global Sports Shoe Industry Analysis

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Global Sports Shoe Industry
The total sales of sports shoes in the main market, United States and Europe are
softening. In US, after three years of sales growth, declined slightly in year 2009. Sales also
fell slightly in European Big 5 countries, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK in the same
year. International market is still posting growth in overall sales in Canada rose 4.6% and
Japan's sales grew by 1% in year 2009 years.
A notable bright spot is that in each geographic region, sports shoes has overall
growth sales better than sportswear. Both in the US and European markets, consumers are
willing to pay premium price, the market spent more on sports shoes. This ...view middle of the document...

In Asia Pacific region, the global financial crisis has not only changed the pattern of
the world's financial industry, but also to the sports shoes industry, created not-so-small
surge to the industry. Over the years the Asia Pacific domestic sporting goods industry with
the formation of US brands like Nike & Adidas as the mainstream market, the pattern is
gradually disintegrated, a series of China brands, Li Ning, Anta, Olympic, are rapidly rising.
Sports brands in Asia Pacific region in year 2009 compared in market performance, it is not
difficult to find out that the sports shoes or in general sportswear industry is the back to the

Demand of Sports Shoes
In the eyes of today's "new generation", a pair of branded-name sports shoes seem
to be more important than a major branded-name sportswear. Wearing branded-name
sports shoes at any time give them dynamic, feeling "cool" and confidence. Nearly two-thirds
of the young people bought branded-name sports shoes.
The international well-known brands sport shoes are not cheap, but it is value for
money, excellent quality behind the high prices, excellent design, give the wearer a real
"sport to enjoy." Meanwhile, some well-known brands also have also launched some low-
end products to occupy a relatively low-priced and low-end market.
Comfortability and style is the primary consideration. Survey data show that when
consumers buy sports shoes, the first consideration is comfort, accounting for 78.4%;
followed by the shape and style, 73.7%; these two considerations was higher than other
factors. In addition, the branding and price are, 55.6% and 50.3%.
Young people today are more like sports, especially the ball games, this is a
manifestation of their nature, and exercise requirements are relatively high on the footwear.
Comfortability, air permeability, bouncing, wear resistance, are young consumers'
considerations. It is not difficult to imagine a pair of uncomfortable shoes to wear in the
sports arena able to show their athleticism. In this sense, comfortability of sports shoes is the
most important pre-requisite to attract consumers.
Overall style is also an important consideration when buying sports shoes. New,
fashionable, individuality has always loved and going after by the "cool" generation. The
design of branded-name sports shoes and general brand style is somewhat different, and
many styles of advanced design also highlights the consumers' extraordinary personality, a
lot like the character to meet the demonstrated needs of young people.
Branding is a comprehensive expression, which combines many factors, including
quality, grade, style, design, and others. Consumers may focus on branding when buying
sports shoes, in this comprehensive considerations, excellent brand represents superior
Price reflects the comprehensive value of goods. branded-name sports shoes have
many advantages, which reflected from its pricing. For young people whose financial
depends on th...

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