Dsicuss The Development Of Kat Stratford"S Character Throughout The Film 12 B Essay

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About Her
Living… in Seattle with her strict father and peppy younger sister, Bianca. Though only a couple years separate the sisters, Bianca couldn’t be more different from Kat. She is popular, stylish and upbeat, which are all qualities Kat rejects wholeheartedly. 
Profession… high school student. Although Kat is attractive, she is very much part of the “out” crowd. She is considered a brain and thinks she knows more than her teachers. She once told her English teacher she didn’t want to read Hemingway because, “He was an abusive, alcoholic misogynist who squandered half of his life hanging around Picasso trying to nail his leftovers.”                 
Interests… Thai food, feminist prose and Indie rock. Anything offbeat appeals to Kat, and she spends most of her time brooding and bemoaning the cliché high school scene. She’s also interested in art and has dreams of attending Sarah Lawrence.    
Relationship Status… nonexistent, much to the disappointment of Bianca. Their father decided that Bianca is only allowed to date if Kat does. Since Bianca wants to go out with a new guy at school named Cameron, she has been pushing Kat to find someone. Because Kat is a bit intimidating, few guys are willing to date her, so Bianca and Cameron scheme to set her up with bad-boy Patrick, who has quite the reputation. According to rumor, he went to jail, knew Marilyn Manson and slept with a Spice Girl.                     
Challenge… getting Patrick to leave her alone, although it turns out he is more interesting than she thought he would be (not to mention easy on the eyes). But as soon as she starts to have feelings for him, she discovers a terrible secret he kept from her. Even though she now hates him so much it makes her sick, she’s not sure she really wants him out of her life either.     
Personality… smart, snarky and a bit rebellious. Kat can come across as a know-it-all and a snob, but she has a kinder, more vulnerable side that people don’t often see. Above all, she is a nonconformist who is true to herself, and doesn’t care if that makes her unpopular.              
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The Developemet and Change of Katarina's Character during the film "Ten Things I Hate about You"
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This is an essay on the changes and developments of Katarina Stratford throughout the course of the film
Over the course of the film "Ten Things I Hate about You" both Katarina Stratford and Patrick Verona's characters have changed and developed due to the situations and experiences that both have been involved in. The conflicts experienced by Katarina Stratford have developed and affected both her judgement and her characters outlook on life.
The main development of Kats...

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