How Women’s Role In Society Is Limited In “The Yellow Wallpaper”

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The Yellow Wallpaper is a story about a woman that is suffering from post-partum depression and her husband tells her what to do and when to do it. He doesn’t let her be free and doesn’t let her do what she wants. She’s restricted from going outside and interacting with people because her husband thought that it would trigger her depression. She didn’t have a job and stayed home for the whole day and night. John also restricts her from writing her journal as he thinks that would also trigger her depression. After john leaves she chooses to write. As she stays in her home, she starts examining the yellow wallpaper in the room. This first started off her hating the wallpaper but soon her imagination started running and she imagined a trapped woman in the wallpaper. Eve wanted to free the woman and at the end of the story she went crazy and started ripping the wallpaper off of the wall trying to free the trapped woman. John never thought that the wallpaper is something that would make her go crazy. Her husband faints at the door after seeing what she had done. Women’s role in society is limited in “The Yellow Wallpaper” because women aren’t treated equally, they have less control over situations compared to men and they are restricted to express themselves in society.
In this short story, Eve was mistreated by her husband. He doesn’t let her go out and doesn’t let her write because of her depression which is post-partum depression. In society, women are already considered the weaker sex, but this story expresses that once a woman is suffering from something, they are considered even weaker. John isn’t allowing her to do anything but stay home and just relax. “My brother is also a physician, and also of high standing, and he says the same thing” this quote from the story tells us that men have all the jobs. They have high class jobs as they take care of their families as women stay home. Her brother agrees.
with John when he says its better for her to stay home and not go out. The quote is explaining that all the men her life have these high-class jobs and they all tell her what to do in her life and how she should do it. These people tell her how to life her life on a daily basis. She secretly wrote in her journal while he was gone to work. as this helped her feel better in her opinion. Men think that they have control over women.
In the yellow wallpaper, Eve has no control over situation compared to John. He gives all the orders and she isn’t allowed to do anything. John says, “you shouldn’t be lifting a thumb” Eve suffers from postpartum depression, so her husband’s thinks the best way for her to feel better is for her to stay home, don’t go to work or go outside which could trigger her depression. He wants her to always be home no matter what. She doesn’t have a job, so her husband takes care of all the money problems. This story highlights the fact that once a woman has a disorder or disease there considered weak and incapable of doing wo...


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1580 words - 7 pages . This story revolts freedom of expression towards oneself. In the story, the narrator was controlled by her husband resulted in inability to voice out her own thoughts and opinions. This lack of own voice and control over herself drives her to see that very strange thing lingering in her room particularly a figure inside the yellow wallpaper. With these figures she became aware that the figure trapped in that wallpaper was her representation. Freeing the woman inside the wallpaper is metaphorically the basis of her liberty towards the people around her and the society.

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1707 words - 7 pages receive. The largest element of the main setting is, in fact, the yellow wallpaper. The narrator states that she “never saw a worse paper [her] life” (Gilman 957). The detailed description of the wallpaper tells the reader how horrible it is to the narrator. The way she describes the wallpaper becomes almost even more disgusting, as she says “ when you follow the lame uncertain curves for a little distance they suddenly commit suicide” (Gilman 957

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