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Dying To Be Thin Essay

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Dying To Be Thin What is the world coming to these days? The social view of beauty has really affected the way people live and act in today's society. The human race watches television, reads magazines, and watches Hollywood made movies. What people see is what our society has accepted as the "ideal" body. Who is the judge of the true beauty? Is it Hollywood or the inner person? I believe that true beauty is in the inner person.In 1970, Marilyn Monroe, who was size twelve, was accepted to be beautiful. Since then, size two has become accepted as beautiful. Studies show that since 1979, Miss America contestants have become so skinny that the majority now are at least fifteen percent below the ...view middle of the document...

It is not just teenagers and adults either, but young girls and boys are trying to be thin also. A poll conducted in May of 1996 by People magazine showed that women are three times as likely as men to have negative thought about their bodies -- and the younger they are the unhappier they are (Schneider). Studies have shown that girls as young as ten and eleven are ashamed of the way they look. Studies also show that fifteen percent of preteen girls and eight percent of preteen boys diet or exercise to look like one of the many images they see on television (Dam). That study gives me reason to believe that Hollywood plays a major part in the way people look at themselves today. They see the many models in magazines that are basically computer generated and want to acquire that shape and size. Most of the time these figures are unattainable for girls at such a young age. I think that girls should be happy with the way they look and try to better themselves in other ways instead of trying to be like someone else. In...

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