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Paragraph 1 background information
Paragraph 2,3,4 Analyse another anti-smoking text
The Effectiveness of Anti-Smoking Texts
There are millions of underage teenagers that smoke in this world. Smokers think that smoking is cool, enjoyable and it helps them to boost their mood; yet smoking fatally harms their organs and body. Teenagers these days get many diseases because they choose to stay and hang out, and with bad society instead of pursuing other interests. We need an effective anti-smoking texts because it helps teenagers to avoid smoking by discouraging them. Three anti smoking texts will be analysed to determine their effectiveness in discouraging teenagers from smoking.
Smoking is a serious problem especially for children under the age of 18. This is because Cigarettes cause cancer, heart disease and emphysema; it can shorten people’s life by 10 years or even more. Smoking is a really bad habit but it is very hard to break because tobacco contains nicotine, which is very addictive. People start smoking because some think that smoking is a cool thing. Teenagers start smoking when an individual’s friends or a social group are together due to peer pressure. There are 9 out of 10 tobacco users start before they’re 18 years old. Children under age of 18 start smoking because the there are factors like stress. stress is related to school like assignment and exams. Stress is definitely related to relationships (love) or even family problems which lead them to start smoking. it is therefore important that antismoking texts use techniques which discourage them from smoking. That’s why in every country underage teenagers who smoke is against the law because teenagers risk their life at a very young age
Smoking Video Analysis ( If you smoke, you stink)
The “If you Smoke, You Stink” video from the National Health Service in America, shows a typical party scene. It shows a woman who had eye contact with a
is against the law because teenagers risk their life at a very young ageid smoking by dicouragage them from smoking. man near the bar to flirt. The man approaches the woman and leans close towards the woman to meet her. Then the man looked shocked and his facial expression changes after he finds out that the woman smoke. Then the man made an excuse to leave her. When the man leaves, the woman was confused so she started to smoke. The video therefore portrays smoking as something unattractive. The setting of the anti-smoking text at a party or club connects with the teenage audience, as it is the type of setting young people would enjoy.
In the last scene in the video it shows the information about quitting smoking and a statement
“if you smoke, you stink.” This statement is written using highly modal, factual language that discourages teenagers from smoking by explaining how it is unattractive. The woman who acted on the video looks unhealthy and her skin look so pale while the man who acted on the video look healthy and fresh looking....

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