Dynamic Environment Affecting The Managerial Plans Macquarie University, Bba102 Essay

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ESSAYThe environment in which organisations operate changes so quickly that managerial plans are often redundant as soon as they are made. Critically discuss.
In the current dynamic business environment, the organization’s survival is dependent upon their ability to adapt and sustain to changing work environment. Certain managerial principles are followed by the organisation while setting up their goals. The future is unpredictable and hence any analyzations made by the organisations might not run as planned. A Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “Nothing is permanent except change”1. There are simultaneous major and minor changes in the market that the managerial plans are often disposed of even before they can be experimented. A few wise steps have to be taken to adapt and sustain in changing environment by the organizations.
The managers have to identify the change which is affecting the business and causing deviations, so as to take necessary actions to correct it. The pace, complexity, and scope of change in the environment demands an organization change approach that is pervasive, complex, agile, and integrated (Worley and Mohrman, 2014, pp.214-224)2. Depending on the size of the organization, the impact of change differs. There are a variety of forces in the general environment which can surprise the organization’s task environment and cannot be controlled by them. The global technology is rapidly increasing and to get work done faster, the managers should decide to use the new methods and not just rely on the old ones. Even though the methods from past have proven to be successful, there might be a more effective method to get work done faster and help sustain the changing environment. Although most of the times this might not work, but it is worth a try to adapt to the change. There are also a lot of economic forces like inflation, business cycle, production cycle, and interest rates that act as a change to decision making. While deciding the objectives, the result expected would have been high, but due to these factors the productivity costs can increase and reduce the profits of the firm. If no immediate action is taken, the organization will suffer a huge loss and a long time will be wasted in recovering resources. The managers must always be prepared for tomorrow, no matter how well the business is currently running. There are a lot of competitors in the global market these days that a plan made by one organization will overcome another organization and attract more consumers to make a better profit. Consumer preferences keep changing often due to different market trends or necessity of the product. The manager must keep a sharp eye on this and decide what would be best for the organization in this case. One of the main focus of the manager is to keep an eye out for political and legal forces. There can be a new law implied anytime by giving a short notice which could cause a threat to the organization. The manager must be on...

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